Hammond XK-3 Drawbar Keyboard  

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Like carrying a Hammond B-3 under your arm!

Imagine carrying a Hammond B-3 with one hand
For years, musicians have been searching for an answer to an age-old dilemma. "How do I get that great B-3 sound without having to carry all that weight?" The answer is: With the XK-3 Drawbar Keyboard from Hammond. This new instrument does what has never been done before and that is to offer you the classic "tone-wheel" sound by utilizing 96 Digital Tone Wheels! The new VASE III Sampled Waveform now makes it possible to reproduce all of the characteristics of the vintage Hammond B-3. Additionally, the Hammond XK-3 houses an internal vacuum tube that will change continuously from Pre-Amp Mode to Overdrive Mode via a control knob.
But wait! The new Hammond XK-3 also includes 12 Reverse Key Presets, 3 Sets of Drawbars, a 2-rotor Digital Leslie, and a 6-position Rotary Vibrato/Chorus Knob, all the features you would expect to find on a Hammond Vintage B-3.
But there's more. The XK-3 will perform like no previous tone-wheel Hammond could ever do, such as Pitch Bend/Modulation, Transpose and Midi. A library of 132 Programmable Patches allows you to save and store your own Drawbar combinations, Midi information, whatever you like. All this in a compact 43-pound package.General
The XK3 is undoubtedly the most 'full on' Hammond single manual we have ever seen or heard. From turning on the power the organ delivers the most powerful and authentic sound imaginable. This is a Hammond for the most serious and demanding of players, and without a doubt it is the real deal. This instrument is definitely the way forward for anyone who needs authentic B3 sound and feel. At just over 19 kilos, XK3 represents the ultimate compromise for the touring musician. Improved digital Leslie means your completely self contained and can just set up and play. Coupled with a Leslie 21 system it is the definitive Hammond setup.


  • Amazingly accurate B-3 sound and response
  • 96 digital tone wheels
  • Vacuum tube with continuous level change
  • 12 reverse key presets
  • 3 sets of drawbars
  • 2-rotor digital Leslie
  • 6-position rotary vibrato/chorus knob
  • 73 waterfall keys, velocity sensitive
  • Pitch bend/modulation
  • Transpose
  • MIDI
  • 132 programmable patches
  • 43 lbs.

XK-3 Drawbar Keyboard Specifications:

  • Connections: AC inlet; MIDI In 1, In 2, Out; Expression Pedal 1, 2; Foot Switch 1; Effects Send, Return; Line Out L/Mono, R; Headphone; 11 Pin leslie
  • Dimensions / Weight: 119(W) x 40(D) x 12 (H) cm / 19.5kg
  • Drawbar: 3 sets of Drawbars, 9-Upper, 9 Lower, 2 Pedal
  • Effects: Internal Leslie, Vibrato and Chorus, Pre-amp, 3-band Equalizer, 10 types of Reverb, Sustain (5 Lengths, pedal controlled)
  • Internal Memory: 11 Presets x 12 Banks + Cancel
  • Keyboard: 73 (61 + 12 Preset Keys) Water Fall keys with Velocity
  • Leslie: High Quality 2 Rotor Digital Leslie
  • Percussion: Tabs: Second On, Third On, Fast Decay, Soft
  • Polyphony: Full Polyphony (unlimited)
  • Pre-amp & Overdrive: Vacuum Tube Amplifier
  • Reverb: 8-Modes (Room 1, Room 2, Live House, Hall 1, Hall 2, Church, Plate, Spring)
  • Sound Generator: 2x Vase III Digital Tonewheel
  • Tone Controls: Bass, Mid-Range, Treble
  • Tuning: Master: 430 - 450 1 Hz steps / Transpose: -6 -0 +6 semitones
  • Waveform: B-3 Long Loop Sampling
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(29 of 49 customers found this review helpful)


This organ rocks!


from Collegeville PA

I just purchased a new Hammond XK3 for my 1st organ and simply love it! I have played the Korg CX3 a couple times and really liked it, but the XK3 seems to have a warmer more B3 like sound. I also increased the mic angle in the on board Leslie up to 180 which made for a more stereophonic and realistic Leslie sound through my old EMF solid state twin 12" woofer amplifier. With the tubes burning on high, I pretty much nailed that sound in Green Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf, especially that dramatic incredible ending, now that's a feat only a Hammond can do.

(3 of 8 customers found this review helpful)


WOW!!! What a sound! Like being in love all over again!!


from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I've been around B-3's ever since I could find middle C. I currently own a Hammond 125 XL, w/ a built in Leslie speaker...alas...NO DRAWBARS! And the thing weighs almost as much as the B-3! I love the sound of it; I do not use all of its features, but when I found the XK-3, it was love at first sight!! I had never envisioned that something so portable, and so light, with drawbars, chorus selections, AND presets; would ever be possible! Even the Porta-B cannot hold a candle to the XK-3!! Just plug it into a regular keyboard amp! Even though it has only one manual, it's perfect for use in any application. !Hammond-Suzuki have absolutely outdone it this time! I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed! Trust me on this one!

(21 of 46 customers found this review helpful)


This is it!


from Portland, OR USA

I used to have a Hammond RT-3 and Leslie 147RV. After deciding that it wasn't worth the money to rent a rehearsal studio just to have an instrument I couldn't gig with (425lbs!), I broke down and sold it. I replaced it with an M-100 with a Leslie breakout box for hooking it up to the 147 (I could fit this in my basement rehearsal studio).I've missed the sound of that RT-3 ever since.I just got a Hammond-Suzuki 1147 (11-pin to 6-pin) connector kit to hook up the XK-3 to my 147 and I have to say, it sounds as good or better than than the RT-3.The XK-3 is as good as advertised or better. Be advised that if you want to hear it in all its glory, you will need to use the 11-pin Leslie out. This is the only way to utilize the internal pre-amp, which in my case necessitated spending extra $ on a connector kit.This is what you've been waiting for...

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BIG Hammond, SMALL Board


from Northern Indiana

I am a Hammond organ player who started lessons in grade school in the sixties and have played professionally for many years since. I have worked every gig from a big horn band to rock bands, blues bands, jazz trios, and solo piano bar. I have played every Hammond model from the big B-3, C-3, A-100 to the spinets M-3, L-100, M-100 and all the Leslie-organ combinations. I can tell you without hesitation that the Hammond XK-3 is the instrument that I always dreamed of - easy to move and it sounds like the best of the best! I know you can hook up a Leslie to the XK-3 but I am playing it through a Roland KC-500 keyboard amp and the on-board Hammond Leslie emulation is just fine. Even the old Porta-B from the seventies never sounded this good! Go for it!!!

(50 of 87 customers found this review helpful)


Everything a Hammond should be!


from Philadelphia, PA USA

Got it to replace my A-100/145 (400+lbs!). Have had it for about 6 months and am still learning things about it. Initially, I was skeptical and a little frustrated (I'm 50 and not the techie I use to be) but after spending time (a lot of trial 'n error) I've found this to be an organ worthy of any Hammond musician. Most helpful to me was the XK-3 review written on Harmony Central on how to 'fine tune' to match your existing organ (an excellent piece!). I, too, sweat over what to get for a long time... Korg BX-3 was high on the list but I chose the Hammond name and because of the tube pre-amp. I haven't been disappointed. Getting use to one keyboard was not as hard as I thought and I love the split feature. Keyboard feel is similar and good (not identical) but my A-100 is 40 years old!! How do I know what it felt like when new? It tips the scale at 60 lbs. (Did I mention the old rig is 400+lbs.?) Played through my stereo PA, the Leslie sim is VERY believable! All in all, a VERY worthwhile investment!... and I keep learning new and better things every time I play. Hammond-Suzuki definitely did their homework on this!

(46 of 87 customers found this review helpful)


Hammond XK-3


from New Haven, CT

I was torn between the XK-3 and the Korg CX-3. I think the CX-3 sounds great, but its slightly brighter and more digital sounding than the XK-3. The XK-3 is just downright nasty with that great mechanical sound of the B3. Its a matter of taste, but I love my XK-3 and I'm glad I went with Hammond. Also, I've had an XM-1 module and the folks are a pleasure to deal with for service.

(13 of 30 customers found this review helpful)


Love it


from Millen,GA USA

I just love the sound of a hammond organ. So, I decided to buy my own.

(44 of 88 customers found this review helpful)




from Orlando, FL

Just got the XK-3. It is better than I hoped for. The look, feel and sound is unbelievable. The Chorus, Leslie, and tube effects sound great.

(70 of 133 customers found this review helpful)


This thing rocks!


from Cave Creek AZ

This without a question of a doubt is the best portable organ you are going to find. Unless you have the $$$ for a portable B3 which not too many of us do, this is the closest thing your going to find. Incredible keys, incredible authentic sounds (better then ever), and the ease of throwing it in the back of your car by "yourself" if need be. Had an X2 and still have a non-portable B3 which rocks and I tell you honestly this is as close as it gets to a B3 and I might even consider selling my B3 if I didn't like having 2 levels of keys. Highly recommended. You will be happy you chose this model as Hammond is the masters of organs. Korg and Roland don't hold a candle to this unit. I played them all and this is the top dog.

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