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Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0-12T 600 Watt Lightweight Bass 1x12 Combo  

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This product has been discontinued but may be available as a Open Box item.

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Genz Benz

An innovative combo that addresses your sound and transportability issues with equal aplomb.

The Shuttle series was developed by Genz•Benz for professional players who require a flexible, full-featured bass system that is easily transportable and still sounds great.

The heart of the Shuttle series is the lightweight Shuttle 6.0 amplifier design. This 3.75-pound amplifier is available as a "head only" or in combo versions, such as this one, delivering 375W at 8 Ohms and 600W at 4 Ohms. In the combo models, the amp chassis can be easily removed from it's combo "saddle" quickly and carried to another gig in the pocket of your bass case or the available carry bag. The chassis has a handle that makes carrying the other half of the combo, the cab, just as easy to take with you.

The head is extremely useful as a standalone unit, with a headphone output that is excellent for quiet, personal practice sessions. You can adjust the volume level and tone you hear with the analog 12AX7 tube preamp, and, using the Post EQ setting on the DI, you can turn the Shuttle 6.0 into an outstanding preamp for recording. It also has an extended range input gain for active/passive sensitivity, effects loop, limiter circuit, LED status indicators, Speakon speaker outputs, tuner out, full XLR direct out interface, aux. input, and a headphone jack

The Shuttle 6.0-12T adds a rear-ported, Birch-ply enclosured amp that combines Genz•Benz's GNX12300 neodymium 12" loudspeaker with a custom sourced bullet tweeter with attenuation control for a bass combo that is as versatile as it is pleasing to the ear.


Shuttle 6.0 amp head
  • Analog 12AX7 tube preamp
  • Digital SMPS (switch mode power supply)
  • High-current Class D amplifier
  • Active EQ w/parametric mids
  • 3-band signal shape circuit (footswitchable)
  • Signal mute switch (footswitchable)
  • Tuner out
  • Extended range input gain for active/passive sensitivity
  • Limiter circuit
  • LED status indicators
  • Speakon speaker outputs
  • Internal fan cooling
  • Full XLR direct out interface
  • Aux. input
  • Headphone jack
  • Effects loop
  • Optional footswitch available
Bass cab
  • Custom sourced cast-frame 12" neodymium loudspeaker Custom sourced bullet tweeter with attenuation control
  • The cab is a birch-ply, with heavy duty vinyl covering
  • 375W as combo/600W with ext. cab
  • Removable amp chassis
  • Rear-ported for full responses
  • Protected corners
  • Speaker grill

Crank up the bass with this unique combo. Order yours today!


Shuttle 6.0-12T 600 Watt Lightweight Bass 1x12 Combo Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 18-3/8"W x 21.75"H x 14.25"D
  • Weight: 32 lbs. total, 3.75 lb. amp head, 28.25 lb. cab
  • Power: 375W/8 ohms; 600W/4 ohms
  • Preamp type: Tube
  • Speaker config: 1 x 12" & tweeter
  • Cab response: 45-18kHz
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Genz-Benz Shuttle 600 Watt Lightweight Bass 1x12 Combo


from Undisclosed

Weighing in at just 32 pounds, with power to spare and incredible tone, this is a working bass players dream combo amp, perfect in just about any gigging situation. The 600 watt head will provide 375 watts when used with just the 12 speaker, but thats plenty for most live venues, and its easily loud enough for your stage volume in large rooms and auditoriums too, as long as you have a house PA to go through. The balanced XLR direct out makes that a breeze, and then the sound engineer can adjust your house PA volume direct through the board. Using an extension cab, you get the full 600 watts. So far Ive used it with both an SWR 2X10 Goliath Junior, and an EAW 1x15, more to put the head through its paces to see what it could do than out of any real need. The 12 neodymium speaker puts out ample volume alone, and with the built-in adjustable 100 watt tweeter, you get a very full frequency response even with 5 and 6 string basses, and brilliant harmonics. Ive used the head to drive both the SWR and the EAW alone, without the 12 speaker, and although they have a little more clarity and fuller bottom than they do with my SWR SM 400 head, I have to say theres some magic in the neodymium speaker, more transparency and presence than even the SWR 2x10 cab. So, except for the rare gig where I need 600 watts of stage power, the bigger, heavier cabs stay home now!

The amp gives you a lot of tonal options. The analog tube preamp really warms your sound, yet you can overdrive it to add substantial grit when needed. The three band active EQ does exactly what its supposed to, and the sweepable midrange control is extremely useful in shaping your tone, especially nice for basses that dont have a midrange tone pot. There are also three signal-shaping button controls, that boost the low and high frequencies and scoop the mids, using preset, non-adjustable filters. If you adjust the three band EQ to your most used baseline tone, then you can simply press a button to change your sound immediately if you need to, which I find really handy, or just set them on or off as part of your basic sound.

Other useful features include a mute button--great for changing instruments quickly--a monophonic effects loop, and a very gentle soft clip limiter that does what its supposed to do without being intrusive, that is, no audible clipping of your sound. In real life playing situations, Ive never noticed it engage. Ive had to purposely play much louder than I normally would to test it.

On some gigs, I use a lot of effects and bass synths (Axon, GR-20, V-Bass) and like to run those in stereo when possible. I like the Shuttle so much I got two of them for just that purpose. The tonal versatility handles the full spectrum of synth sounds really well, and its small size and light weight makes it much easier to transport and set up than a small PA system would, which is what Id need otherwise.

Now, a few minor gripes that stop me from rating the amp a 10. Some people will consider the Neutrik Speak-on locking cable connectors an advantage, and Im sure Genz-Benz meant it that way. Personally, I find them a needless annoyance. Over the decades, Ive played at small rowdy bars, large rowdy colleges, dance clubs, outdoor concerts, wine and arts festivals, you name it, and never once have I had a speaker cable be dislodged from a cabinet. You might well ask, its extra protection, whats the big deal? Like I said, this is a minor gripe, but the Neutrik connections require that you use adaptors to be able to plug into an external cabinet with a regular 1/4 speaker cable, reducing easy compatibility with other speaker cabs, while simultaneously negating the locking capability of the Neutrik, its only supposed advantage. If you get two Shuttle combos such as I have (not the Shuttle cab designed to specifically be an external cab) you have to use multiple adaptors (three, or optionally two with one Neutrik-ended cable) if you want to connect one amp to both cabinets, because of the male-female configuration. Cumbersome and more stuff to buy and keep track of. Second, while there is a headphone jack in the amp for silent practice, you have to physically disconnect the amp from the speaker to use it. Theres no circuit that recognizes the headphone input to electronically detach it from the power output, a common feature in many combo amps. I just use the headphone jack in one of my small multi-effects units for more convenient silent practice. The last gripe is a Genz-Benz policy complaint, nothing to do with the amp itself. The optional footswitch only turns on and off the mute, low boost, high boost and mid-cut filters. It doesnt memorize amp and EQ settings, its just a four-button on and off switch. This is not an inexpensive amp, so it seems disappointingly stingy to charge for a limited-function footswitch that in my opinion should be included with the amp at no charge, as most other companies that make amps with footswitches do. Easy enough to turn around and press the buttons on the amp, though.

The carrying case they currently make is for the amp head only. Id like to see a cover for the entire combo, to protect the whole thing while in transit. True, the heads the most fragile, but why needlessly bang up your cabinet?

Despite the minor complaints, this a great amp, my current favorite. Id recommend it to any bass player who wants great pro tone and power in a small, lightweight package.

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