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DigiTech RP250 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal  

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This product has been discontinued but may be available as a Open Box item.

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Up to 89 total models  and a unique way to blend them together fast.

The DigiTech RP250 is a guitar multi effects pdal that makes access to superbly detailed new amp models easier than ever before. In just 3 easy steps you dial in the perfect sound with the DigiTech RP250 pedal's Tone and Effects library knobs:

1. Pick one of 30 tone presets,

2. Pick one of 30 effects chains,

3. Dial in your effects level and rock on.

You may never go any deeper into the infinitely-tweakable RP interface. Digitech's RP tone and effects libraries let you access pre-designed combinations of models as fast as you can turn the knob. From mellow and bluesy to scorch-the-face-of-the-earth-raw, you're going to find combinations in the RP250 pedal that fit your playing style. The DigiTech RP250 is a modeling guitar pedal with the raw power for real players and tone that deserves to be heard on stage and in the studio.

USB connectivity for recording, preset editing/archiving/downloading and more.
The RP250 effects pedal is ready to talk to your PC or Mac computer: DigiTech has included a built-in 24-bit 2- in/2-out USB interface. Lay down tracks with your favorite multitrack DAW software. Play back a mix or MP3 cut directly through your RP250 and jam along. Download a free copy of X-Edit Editor/Librarian from and customize presets, upload and download new tones; including those from magazine web sites and DigiTech's own thriving online player community.

400% more horsepower.

No wonder the Digitech RP250 sounds so good. You're looking at the one of the world's most advanced audio processors, the "engine" that gives this generation of RP modeling pedals so much more raw impact and subtle detail. Other manufacturers use general-purpose, off-the-shelf chips. But creating the best guitar tone requires a 100% specialized, optimized processor. Being total audio processing fanatics, "Chip Wizard" engineers at DigiTech set out to create a super-processor specifically designed to power a whole new generation of effects and models. The design team worked for over 2 years, literally re-defining audio signal processing at the chip level. Then "Tone Guru" engineers—fresh from production modeling triumphs like the Jimi Hendrix Experience Artist Series pedal—set to work taking advantage of all this raw processing power. When you hear what AudioDNA2 does for the tone of the DigiTech RP250 you'll agree it was all worth it.

*Other product names modeled in this product are trademarks of their respective companies that do not endorse and are not associated or affiliated with DigiTech or Harman International Industries, Inc. Ibanez Tube Screamer, Guyatone Overdrive, ProCo Rat, MXR, Boss Metal Zone, EH Big Muff Pi, Dunlop Cry Baby, Vox, Clyde McCoy Wah, Fender Twin Reverb, EMT, Fender Tweed Deluxe, Fender Bassman, Twin Reverb, Marshall Super Lead, Mesa/Boogie, Hiwatt, Fender Tweed Champ, Jensen Blue Backs, Celestion, and VHT Amplification are trademarks or trade names of other manufacturers and were used merely to identify products whose sounds were reviewed in the creation of this product.


  • Quick easy effect library access
  • Extremely versatile
  • USB connectivity
  • Expression pedal
  • AudioDNA2® DSP super-chip
  • 30-preset Quick Start Tone Library
  • 30-preset Quick Start Effects Chain Library
  • 8 total models
  • 54 Effect models—up to 11 at a time
  • Up to 5-second delay
  • 21 Amp/Preamp/Acoustic models with A/B switching
  • 14 Cabinet Models
  • Lexicon Reverbs
  • 60 Factory / 60 User presets
  • High quality drum machine with 60 patterns
  • Power supply included

RP250 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Specifications:

  • 1/4" instrument input
  • 1/4" stereo output with amp/mixer switch
  • 1/8" aux input
  • 1/8" headphone output
  • USB 1.0 2x2 input/output
  • 24 bit—44.1kHz sampling rate
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(35 of 64 customers found this review helpful)


Absolutely awesome!!


from wv

I just got this unit today and am totally blown away!!! It is so awesome!!! It took me maybe 15 minutes and I had the controls down and mastered.......and had my own distortion, clean, and whammy channels going in 20 minutes!! It blew my mind. This box has all kinds of sounds!! I would recommend this to everyone. You can hook it up to your computer via usb and it has a built in drum machine!!! I love this!! Digitech, my hats off to you!!

(30 of 83 customers found this review helpful)




from a house

very poor quality

(30 of 59 customers found this review helpful)


Save your money


from San Francisco

I tried very hard to give digitech a chance this time. Normally I only play Boss effects, the MT-2 is the best. Digitech is getting better, but to my ears still sounds thin. Digital effects come close, but can never really compare to a nice analog pedal or a cranked amp. Construction wise, I wouldn't trust this thing on the road. With the drum patterns, I guess a street performer could get some quarters with it. Fun to play with admittedly, but terrible live. For example, if the song your playing requires clean, rythm and lead tones, you have to of course navigate up and down with only two pedals. Sadly digitech seems to be using plenty of gimmicks with all their effects, ie: death metal, black13, the Hendrix and Clapton pedals. It's hard for me to take Digitech seriously anymore.

(44 of 71 customers found this review helpful)


Purest tones in any multi-effects processor


from Utah

The new DigiTech RP250 is awesome. The first thing you'll notice is the sleek, intuitive design. All the new RP series multi-effects processors are powered by DigiTech's brand new, proprietary DNA2 chip, which is 5 times more powerful than it's predecessor. And it's very easy to hear the difference. The RP250 provides the purest tones that I've heard in any multi-effects processor to date. The list of effects and amp/cab models is impressive, featuring both vintage and modern effects/amps/cabs. With so many sounds to choose from, the RP250 really lets you unleash your creativity in creating custom tones. You can really squeeze any kind of tone out of this thing that you want................... The RP250 features amp/mixer stereo outputs. With the speaker compensation switch on the back, it sounds great plugged into an amp or directly into a mixer. It also has a stereo headphone output, which I love because I'm in college, so I can play through headphones without bothering my roommates, and most importantly, without losing any tone since I can use the amp/cab models to simulate playing through an amp.................... One of my favorite features of the RP250 is that you can assign ANY parameter to the expression pedal so that you can change parameter values as you play. This allows you to come up with some very creative sounds. The min/max parameter value range of the expression pedal can be customized as well in order to easily use the pedal within a precise range of values. The user interface is very intuitive with a very small learning curve. You can become totally familiar with this thing in 10 minutes............ Another feature that makes the RP250 a real value is that you can record with it straight out of the box (if you have recording software; I use Cubase to record from the RP250 and it works great - you can download the drivers from DigiTech's website). It has USB in/out which allows you to record at 44.1 kHz at both 16/24 bit depth. You can also stream music to the RP250 from you computer via USB to jam along with (it also has an external 1/8" jack that you can use to hook up to an iPod/CD player to jam along with as well)............................. Other cool features include a built-in tuner, bypass, 60 awesome factory presets with an additional 60 user preset slots, a drum machine with 60 patterns and 5 metronomes (with user-changeable tempo), and a bright 6 character display for easy navigation through the different effects. With X-Edit software, you can customize presets from your computer, as well as save presets to your computer (either individually or all 60 user presets at once) so that you never lose a custom preset. So essentially you can have a library of hundreds of presets on your computer, with 60 loaded onto the RP250 at any given time. DigiTech also has a thriving online community for it's products so that you can swap presets with other RP users............ With the new DNA2 chip, in terms of tone and sound quality, the RP250 easily competes with the current top-of-the-line multi-effects processors (in fact it dominates in my opinion). And for the price, it's a total bargain considering all the features that are packed into this box. For me, this is one of those cool toys that you wonder how you ever lived without before you had it.

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