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Music123 Gift Certificates Make Musicians Happy!

Our lawyers advised us not to make outrageous claims about the sheer bliss experienced by lucky musicians who receive a Music123 Gift Certificate.* They said it would be irresponsible for us to say that parents who give their children a Music123 Gift Certificate experience a much closer relationship than those who don't, even if we had good reason to believe it was true.** It was also quite clear after our heated three-hour "discussion" we were not to claim that Yoko and Paul are talking again since she sent him a Music123 Gift Certificate*** . . . so you'll just have to see for yourself how happy your favorite musician is when you give a Music123 Gift Certificate.

Let your favorite musicians order exactly what they want from our huge selection of music gear, accessories, apparel, collectibles, and more! Just enter the amount of the gift certificate(s) below (minimum $10), then click "Add Gift Certificates to Cart."

  • * wild speculation
  • ** no proof whatsoever
  • *** a total, bald-faced lie

Gift certificates are only redeemable for merchandise. Gift certificates may take up to 48 hours to process and cannot be redeemed on international or Canadian orders.

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