Nady PTS515 12" 400 Watt 2-Way Trapezoid Speaker Cabinet  

Product #609002

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This product has been discontinued but may be available as a Open Box item.

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Trapezoid design and road-tough build.

The Nady PTS515 Speaker Cabinet offers beefy full-range sound. A 12" woofer kicks it hard, while a broad 5" x 15" high-compression piezo-driven horn cranks out beautiful mids and highs from a slick-looking trapezoid cab. Carpet covered with protective corners and recessed handles. The Nady PTS515 is 18"W x 26"H x 14"D. 37 lbs.

  • 12" woofer
  • 5" x 15" horn with piezo driver
  • Carpet covered
  • Recessed handles

It's pro gear that'll go the distance without putting you in debt. Order today.

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POWERREVIEWS.common.gResult['content/08/54/442700-en_US-66-reviews.js'] = [{r:{id:26232175,si:1,pi:6559710,dp:true,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Get this thing!!!!",n:"BigHusq",l:"en_US",w:"North Carolina",fc:0,o:"w",d:"12\/11\/2008",db:"2008-12-11T08:18:56",p:"I got this in a 12". At first, when I put it up and played I thought it was crap. That was just with drums, no other instruments. When I took in and jammed with some guys, this little thing BLEW ME AWAY!!! It sounds awesome!!! Just jam with it and not by yourself you won\'t be disappointed!!!!"}},{r:{id:26232174,si:1,pi:6339532,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Just a great china",n:"Progfinatic67",l:"en_US",w:"Palm Coast FL",fc:0,o:"w",d:"7\/7\/2009",db:"2009-07-07T17:52:02",p:"all i can say is i got the 14 inch and it has one of the best trash sounds for the price it well surpasses any of my expectations you can\'t go wrong with it"}},{r:{id:26232173,si:1,pi:6274191,dp:true,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Wuhan china",n:"Littlegettodrummerboy",l:"en_US",w:"Denver, CO",fc:0,o:"w",d:"1\/26\/2009",db:"2009-01-26T10:26:36",p:"I just got the 16 in wuhan china and it sounds great. Pretty durable too. If your a young low-budget drumer like me your love the price and the quality."}},{r:{id:26232171,si:1,pi:6237798,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:4,h:"The best!",n:"Josh E.",l:"en_US",w:"Findlay, Ohio",fc:0,o:"w",d:"2\/26\/2007",db:"2007-02-26T15:14:17",p:"This is the far best cymbal that I have in my kit. This cymbal has a washy but a deep sound. It sound perfect with my drumset. I will definetly buy this agian."}},{r:{id:26232169,si:1,pi:6204325,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Wuhan china cymbals",n:"Remmy",l:"en_US",w:"NY",fc:0,o:"w",d:"6\/11\/2007",db:"2007-06-11T10:15:23",p:"I just got my wuhan china cymbals the other day, I ordered a 12" and 20". I absolutely love the big 20" cymbal. It has a nice, low, trashy sound that doesnt ring too much, and I couldnt be happier. The 12" is cool too, but i don\'t like it as much. But for the price, I thought why not. I doesn\'t sound as much like a china, but still a cool effect cymbal. You can\'t go wrong with these, because for the money you get two reall good cymbals."}},{r:{id:26232168,si:1,pi:6370655,dp:true,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:3,h:"Good cymbal at least for the price",n:"Matt-MC0bR",l:"en_US",w:"Doylestown PA",fc:0,o:"w",d:"6\/16\/2006",db:"2006-06-16T10:32:19",p:"I have the 12" cymbal and its not exactly what I was looking for... It\'s not exactly a splash but it doesnt ring very long, i would consider buying a higher quality cymbal and save your money. But for 15 bucks its a good buy"}},{r:{id:26232167,si:1,pi:6274195,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Great cymbal",n:"TamaFoLife",l:"en_US",w:"San Antonio, Texas",fc:0,o:"w",d:"6\/12\/2007",db:"2007-06-12T07:41:14",p:"I\'m a huge fan of Rush and you can\'t forget Neil Peart. Everyone wants his sound. Yet its funny because hardly no one knows that Neil Peart used an 18 and a 19 inch Wuhan China cymbal before his endorsment with Sabian. These cymbals sound amazing just like you here them in all Rush Albums. Can\'t go wrong with any size."}},{r:{id:26232166,si:1,pi:6224033,dp:true,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Awesome cymbal",n:"ZEBRAZEBRADEATHMARCH",l:"en_US",w:"Moorhead, MN",fc:0,o:"w",d:"7\/2\/2009",db:"2009-07-02T18:57:12",p:"I bought the 14" china cymbal, and it came with a stand. The stand was lower end, but the cymbal is amazing. I must warn you, though, it is VERY loud. I would reccomend always wearing some hearing protection (like earplugs) at all times using this. It\'s a killer cymbal and i love it! Great "KCHAH!" sound with a little bit of sustain. I highly reccommend it."}},{r:{id:26232165,si:1,pi:6274189,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:3,h:"Wuhan China",n:"DevinG17",l:"en_US",w:"Bristol, VA",fc:0,o:"w",d:"1\/15\/2011",db:"2011-01-15T17:53:37",p:"I bought the 18" china a few months ago. When i got it sounded amazing but after 2 months of playing it just sounds awful"}},{r:{id:26232164,si:1,pi:6259381,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Finally, I found the china I\'ve been looking for!",n:"drummer_203",l:"en_US",w:"Pine River, MN",fc:0,o:"w",d:"6\/16\/2006",db:"2006-06-16T09:37:16",p:"For the longest time I have been looking for a good sounding china. Finally, Ii have found the china I have been looking for. It has just the right sound. Trashy, but not too trashy!"}}];