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Mackie SRM350 v2 Active Speaker (Black)

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Two-way bi-amplified, optimized active loudspeaker system with ultrawide, smooth dispersion.

The ultracompact Mackie SRM350 v2 Active Speaker is a live sound powerhouse. The SRM350 v2 whips live sound into complete submission, giving you more control over your shows than ever before. Thanks to its all-new design—from adding new amps and transducers to a new switching power supply—the active Mackie SRM350 v2 surpasses the performance of the original SRM350 to deliver pure studio monitor sound at more powerful, full-on loudspeaker levels. And the SRM350 v2 is also even lighter than before, making it ultra-portable. Even though it's a complete redesign from the inside out, the Mackie SRM350 v2 speaker retains a musician-friendly price tag.

The "SRM" Stands for Sound Reinforcement Monitor
Over a decade ago, Greg Mackie and a dedicated team of engineers set out to create a portable loudspeaker that could deliver studio monitor sound quality. Unlike a relatively small, acoustically controlled studio where the "sweet spot" is well defined, live venues vary greatly, and most are far from acoustically balanced.

Despite the challenges, after two years of extensive research and development, the first Mackie Sound Reinforcement Monitor was born—a loudspeaker that truly lived up to its name. Today the SRM350 v2 continues the SRM350's tradition of studio monitor sound quality—and trumps it—to deliver sound that makes any venue seem like a well-tuned studio.

Ultra-Wide Dispersion
Undoubtedly you've been to a show where the sound is all over the map. For instance, when you stand in front of the band, it sounds okay, but move a little to your left or right and all of a sudden you've got mud in your ears. When the Mackie SRM350 v2 loudspeakers are on stage, no matter where you stand, you hear sound with impeccable stereo imaging, depth of field, and definition— all at full-on loudspeaker levels. This is due to the SRM350 v2's wide dispersion pattern, which is achieved through its High Frequency waveguide.

Professional Grade Transducers
The Mackie SRM350 v2 sounds even better than the original monitor, in part, because of its premium transducers. The new 10" neodymium woofer has less mass and quicker response which provides incredibly punchy response from such a small loudspeaker. It is much lighter than a traditional ceramic magnet based transducer as well. Additionally, it's titanium compression driver provides sparkle and clarity beyond the original design to keep it's characteristic sound in line with it's big brother. The acoustic gurus out at EAW spent months and months tweaking these custom-designed transducers so that the Mackie SRM350 v2 would deliver the best sound possible in a small format box.

Super-low distortion thanks to Mackie's own Class-D, Fast Recovery Amplification
With its combination of Class D topology and Fast Recovery circuitry, the SRM350 v2 operates with incredible efficiency, and delivers much more power and clarity. With this Class D Fast Recovery amplification, the SRM350v2 handles maximum volume—and associated heat—with ease, so there's no unwanted noise or thermal problems. Even after hours of sustained use at near-peak levels, your sound remains clean and your SRM350v2 keeps cool.

Legendary Active Electronics
In a passive loudspeaker setup, an external amplifier is connected to a passive crossover inside the speaker, which distributes frequencies to the transducers. Because power amps and transducers vary widely in sound and quality, trying to match the right power amp with the right speaker can be challenging, especially if you're not a professional acoustic technician or rolling in cash so you can hire one. Mackie's proven Active design does all the work for you. With the SRM350 v2, you get a complete loudspeaker system, with complex electronics and carefully chosen components, all precisely tuned and tweaked to work together. The result is a loudspeaker with phenomenal sound quality and power, that's completely plug-and-play with no EQ needed.

Built-in Protection Circuitry for Long Life
Active loudspeakers are pushed hard, often to, or beyond, the limit. That's why reliable protection circuitry is built in to every unit. The SRM350 v2 employs a built-in limiter for less distortion at peak levels. Thanks to the advanced technology of its power supply and Class-D amp topology, the SRM350 v2 is greater than 90 percent efficient—more of the power from your outlet goes straight to the transducer, without the power supply and amp giving off loads of heat. Less heat means better performance and a longer life.

Versatile, Portable, Tough
When designing the SRM350 v2, Mackie considered every angle. From every angle is just how you can position it, too—polemount it from the bottom, fly it vertically or horizontally via its optional hanging bracket, or use it as a wedge monitor. With all this flexibility, it's one of the most versatile portable Active loudspeakers around. Moving it into place is easier than ever too. Weighing in at just 26 pounds, you'll have more than enough strength left over to deliver an electrifying performance after loading in. Plus, the SRM350 v2 retains its rugged, Mackie built-like-a-tank durability, thanks to the polypropylene cabinet.

  • Two-way biamplified, optimized Active loudspeaker system
  • High-output, titanium dome compression driver
  • 10" neodymium long-throw low-frequency transducer
  • 165W class-D, Fast Recovery LF amp/30W HF amp
  • Ultrawide, smooth dispersion via HF waveguide
  • Built-in phase accurate 24dB Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover
  • Electronic time correction, phase alignment and EQ for studio quality sound
  • Mic/line input and pass-thru connector
  • Lightweight for ultimate portability (26lb.)
  • Flyable
  • Polemountable

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SRM350 v2 Active Speaker (Black) Specifications:

  • System Specifications
    Frequency Response (-3dB): 83Hz-18.5kHz
    Frequency Range (-10dB): 61Hz-22kHz
    Max SPL Long-Term @ 1m: 118dB
    Max SPL Peak @ 1m: 121dB
    Crossover: Linkwitz-Riley, 24dB/octave @ 2400Hz

    Input Type: Balanced Differential
    Input Impedance: 94kOhms
    Sensitivity (center detent): Line: +4dBu, Mic: -36dBu
    Maximum Input Level: +22dBu
    Acoustic Contour Equalization (peaking): +3dB@100Hz, +3dB@12kHz
    Operating Temperature Range: ”10C - 45C (14F-113F)

    Power Amplifiers
    Low-Frequency Power Amplifier
    Rated Power: 165 watts continuous (Rated power is continuous rms wattage into transducer's rated impedance @1kHz for the HF amplifier and @100Hz for the LF amplifier.)
    Rated THD: < 0.03%
    Cooling: Convection Extrusion
    Design: Class D

    High-Frequency Power Amplifier
    Rated Power: 30 watts continuous (Rated power is continuous rms wattage into transducer's rated impedance @1kHz for the HF amplifier and @100Hz for the LF amplifier.)
    Rated THD: < 0.03%
    Cooling: Convection Extrusion
    Design: Class AB

    Transducer Specifications
    Low-Frequency Transducer
    Diameter: 10"/250mm
    Voice Coil Diameter: 2.0"/51mm
    Sensitivity (1W@1m): 96dB
    Power Handling: 250 watts rms, long-term
    Frequency Range: 61Hz-3kHz
    Magnet Type: Neodymium

    High-Frequency Transducer
    Diaphragm Diameter: 1.4"/36mm
    Horn Exit Diameter: 1"/25.4mm
    Diaphragm Material: Titanium
    Sensitivity (1W@1m): 104dB
    Nominal Impedance: 16 ohms
    Power Handling: 75 watts rms, long-term
    Frequency Range: 1kHz-20kHz
    Magnet Type: Ceramic

    Horn Design
    Horizontal Coverage: 90 (1kHz-20kHz)
    Vertical Coverage: 80 (1kHz -20kHz)
    Mouth Size: 11.1" x 6.1" (283mm x 154mm)

    Enclosure Construction Features
    Basic Design: Asymmetrical Trapezoidal
    Material Polypropylene
    Finish: Midnight blue textured finish
    Handles: One on side, one on top
    Grille: Perforated metal with weather-resistant coating

    Line Input Power
    Power Consumption: 120 watts with musical program and LIMIT LED blinking
    US: 120VAC, 60Hz, Recommended Amperage Service: 2.5 amps
    Europe:230VAC, 50Hz, Recommended Amperage Service: 1.25amps
    Japan: 100VAC, 50/60Hz, Recommended Amperage Service: 3.0amps
    AC Connector: 3-pin IEC 250 VAC
    Note: The SRM350v2 does not support multiple voltage configurations. Make sure the voltage rating for your particular model (as indicated on the rear panel near the IEC socket) corresponds with your local AC mains voltage.

    Control System Functions
    Electronic Crossover
    Phase Alignment
    Parametric Equalization

    Safety Features
    Protection: Low-frequency Dynamic Bass Protection, Power Supply, and Amplifier Thermal Protection
    Display LEDs: Signal, Power, Limit

    Physical Properties
    Height: 20.75"/527mm
    Width: 13.10"/333mm
    Depth: 12.25"/311mm
    Weight: 26 lb./11.8kg
    The SRM350 v2 is polemountable via the built-in socket on the bottom of the cabinet. Be sure the pole is capable of supporting the weight of the SRM350 v2.
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