Ilio Origins for EXS/GIGA (DVD-ROM)  

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3.5GB of all-new historical sounds for EXS 24 and Giga!

The ILIO Origins DVD-ROM brings you deep into the sonic terrain of the world's past with an exhaustive collection of authentic, atmospheric historic sounds performed by musicians well-versed in historical playing techniques. A new production from the creator of the popular World Winds sample library, Dirk Campbell, Origins includes 2.5GB of all-new World Winds. Along with a huge collection of multi-samples presented in a variety of different dynamics and articulations, Origins sample collection features a large number of expressive phrases and performances. Historical and archaeological productions, film scores (especially fantasy, sci-fi, and horror), world music soundtracks, left-field rock and pop, creative remixes, and any recordings that require imaginative sound design and innovative textures will benefit from the Origins sample library.

The Instruments: Ancient Horns
  • Cornus (Roman war horns)
  • Conches
  • Cowhorns
  • Kudu antelope horn
  • Ram's horn
  • English coach horn
  • Tibetan horns
Flutes and Pipes
  • Aulos (Greek reedpipe)
  • Balaban (Persian duduk)
  • Chinese bamboo flute
  • Bone flute
  • Double pipe (Egyptian zummara)
  • Duduk (Armenian reedpipe)
  • Filimbi (Tanzanian overtone flute)
  • Fujara (Slovak contrabass whistle)
  • Grass blades
  • Kaval (Balkan flute)
  • Ney (middle Eastern flute)
  • Pibgorn (Welsh reedpipe)
  • Sorna (Persian shawm)
  • Suling (Indonesian flute)
  • Whistle tones (various flutes)
  • Kantele (Finnish zither)
  • Kora (West Aftrican harp)
  • Laouto (Greek fretted lute)
  • Mouth bow
  • Nyatiti (Egyptian lyre)
  • Oud (Arab lute)
  • Rabab (middle Eastern long-necked fiddle)
  • Santoor (middle Eastern hammered dulcimer)
  • Siter (Javanese zither)
Male Vocals
  • Men unison
  • Clusters
  • Overtone singing (Mongolia)
  • Shaman songs and overtones
  • Slave chant
  • Solo male chants
  • Solo male random notes
Group Vocals
  • Men unison
  • Women unison
  • Celebration vocal sounds
  • Female lamentation sounds
  • Womens' screams
  • War shouts
Ambient Percussion (recorded in large ambient space)
  • Orchestral bass drums (3)
  • Timpani (detuned — 5 pitches)
  • Gong drum
  • Tam Tams
  • Earth gong
  • Cowbells
  • Chinese chung (small hand cymbals)
  • Ceng ceng (Balinese small hand cymbals)
  • Crotales
  • Turkish davul
  • Tanzania drum
  • Tabor
  • Frame drums
  • Bougarabou (African drum)
  • Daf (Iranian drum)
  • Metal pipes
  • Gas cylinder
  • Crumpled metal
  • Brake drum
  • Horseshoe hits
  • Metal scraping and dragging
  • Other metal hits and noises
Studio Percussion
  • Burmese small gongs
  • Logdrum
  • Singing bowl (Tibet)
  • Thunder drum
  • Hand cymbals (various)
  • Hand drums (various)
  • Jingles and finger cymbals (various)
  • Kurdish davul
  • Tabor
  • Tribal drums (Zambian ingoma)
  • Miscellaneous percussion
  • Pads and drones (made from sustained instruments)
  • Animal noises
  • Grass blades bird effects
  • Grass blades bestiary
  • Monstrous beasts
  • Swords & armor

Take a journey into the past with Origins!

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