Chauvet DJ LEDsplash Jr. LED Wash Light

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This product has been discontinued but may be available as a Open Box item.

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Chauvet DJ

Splash your show with color.

The Chauvet LEDsplash Jr. is a full RGB color mix PAR can, made up of 86 highly efficient, super-bright LEDs. This 4-channel DMX-512 controllable LED wash light can features red, green and blue color groups (44 red, 21 green, and 21 blue diodes). Each color's intensity can be controlled individually to create a large variety of colors. The Chauvet LEDsplash Jr. can operate in standalone and master/slave modes in addition to DMX.

  • 4-channel DMX-512 LED washlight can
  • 86 ultrabright LEDs: 44 red, 21 green and 21 blue diodes
  • Blackout/dimmer/strobe
  • Individual control of red, green and blue diodes
  • RGB color mixing
  • Built-in color change programs
  • Master/slave mode
  • Programmable with any universal DMX-512 controller
  • Bulb: 86 LEDs (100,000 hours)
  • Power: Switchable 110V/230V
  • Weight: 2.43 lb.
  • Size: 4.9"L x 4.9"W x 7.9"H
  • 2-year limited warranty
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POWERREVIEWS.common.gResult['content/07/95/J25511-en_US-7-reviews.js'] = [{r:{id:153025273,si:1,pi:24769532,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Couldn\'t pass up the price",n:"Rusty",l:"en_US",w:"Gladeville Tn",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",c:"v",d:"11\/26\/2016",db:"2016-11-26T18:44:50",p:"I have a bunch of guitars ( 12 )and a stomp box tuner and a clip on tuner. Ordering this one just makes life easier when tuning up. One for electrics and one for acoustics. Works great and all use the same type of battery",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Easy To Use","Good Quality"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Backup","Practicing"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}],i:{t:"i",r:[{c:null,h:{w:56,h:75,u:"\/07\/95\/jjbg9vt9a8mgiys4v840_thumbnail.jpg"},s:{w:576,h:768,u:"\/\/\/powerreviews\/image\/upload\/f_auto,w_576,h_768\/prod\/jjbg9vt9a8mgiys4v840.jpg"}}]}}},{r:{id:153009375,si:1,pi:24768741,dp:true,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:4,h:"Clip could be a little better, but works well.",n:"Ben from Ohio",l:"en_US",w:"Cleveland Ohio",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"No"},o:"e",c:"v",d:"11\/26\/2016",db:"2016-11-26T14:39:43",p:"Bought on a ;deal of the day\' for a good price. It works well, but took a bit to figure out the best way to clip it on the head stock. I have a Snark, which seems better built and has a nicer clamp, but this one seems to function just as well.

Bought this as a spare, but if this was going to be my only clip in tuner, I would spend the extra cash for the Snark.",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Easy To Use","Functional"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Backup","Practicing"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}]}},{r:{id:152998104,si:1,pi:7853112,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:3,h:"Read the instructions!",n:"Ken",l:"en_US",w:"Arkansas",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"No"},o:"e",c:"v",d:"11\/26\/2016",db:"2016-11-26T13:15:28",p:"What ever you buy you should ALWAYS read the instructions, FIRST! The first thing I read in the instructions was " CAUTION, may cause damage to some surfaces! ". This very important bit of info should have been included in the advertisement of this product. Children, young people, and young adults do not read instructions, FIRST! They read them last. You should know this!",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Easy To Use","Functional"]},{n:"Cons",k:"cons",v:["Poor Quality"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Backup"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Professional Musician"]}]}},{r:{id:152998012,si:1,pi:20474838,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"SDOTD Fine product, great price",n:"DocRok",l:"en_US",w:"CA",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",c:"v",d:"11\/26\/2016",db:"2016-11-26T12:54:57",p:"I thought I ordered a Korg orange, works great. These modern tuners are all incredible. This one is quite easy to use",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Easy To Use","Functional","Good Quality","Improves Sound"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Practicing"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}]}},{r:{id:152982552,si:1,pi:24767840,dp:true,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:2,h:"Buy a snark instead",n:"Rem the tech",l:"en_US",w:"Michigan",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"No"},o:"e",c:"v",d:"11\/26\/2016",db:"2016-11-26T10:14:59",p:"Its a tuner, it comes with preset bass tunings and preset guitar tunings but the head does not swivel all the way around meaning some guitar headstock designs are nearly incompatible with the tuner. Just buy a snark instead.",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Functional"]},{n:"Cons",k:"cons",v:["Difficult To Use","Poor Quality"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Backup","Practicing"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}]}},{r:{id:152973646,si:1,pi:23103716,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"HANDY TUNER",n:"DONAL",l:"en_US",w:"Corpus Christi, Tx",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",c:"v",d:"11\/26\/2016",db:"2016-11-26T09:01:34",p:"This is a handy clip on guitar tuner that is accurate and easy to use.",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Easy To Use","Functional","Good Quality"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Anytime you want to tune your guitar","Practicing"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Professional Musician"]}]}},{r:{id:152967344,si:1,pi:24767441,dp:true,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:4,h:"A quick responding little tuner!",n:"M. Allen",l:"en_US",w:"WA",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",c:"v",d:"11\/26\/2016",db:"2016-11-26T08:38:35",p:"This is a great little tuner. I love how it "settles down" when it detects its note rather than bouncing like some others I\'ve used. I always double check the sound after using a tuner and this one is spot on. The on\/off and operational buttons are on the back. Don\'t know if that\'s good or bad but took a little getting used to. The screen is 1 7\/8" x 2 7\/8. Some complain that it\'s "huge". It is not. It is a rectangle rather than a circle so the complaints in other reviews left me scratching my head. It looks exactly like the photo. If you don\'t like the design, don\'t buy it. It is easy to see out at the end of my long scale bass. I am very happy with it and got compliments from a couple of other players that borrowed it the other night.",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Easy To Use","Functional","Good Quality","Improves Sound"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Concerts","Practicing"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}]}},{r:{id:152953526,si:1,pi:24766758,dp:true,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Yes, would buy again",n:"Stud",l:"en_US",w:"Illinois",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",c:"v",d:"11\/26\/2016",db:"2016-11-26T06:44:56",p:"For the price (got it on Stupid Deal of the Day) cannot beat it",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Easy To Use","Functional","Good Quality","Improves Sound"]},{n:"Cons",k:"cons",v:["None"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Great Tuning Aid","Practicing"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Novice"]}]}},{r:{id:152953405,si:1,pi:24766747,dp:true,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:4,h:"Nice!",n:"Adnan",l:"en_US",w:"Houston, TX",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",c:"v",d:"11\/26\/2016",db:"2016-11-26T06:43:28",p:"Does the job.",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Easy To Use","Good Quality"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Professional Musician"]}]}},{r:{id:152953025,si:1,pi:24766646,dp:true,mu:"REOF@COMCAST.NET",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"I would buy this again.",n:"Fret",l:"en_US",w:"Bow, NH",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",c:"v",d:"11\/26\/2016",db:"2016-11-26T06:29:00",p:"Great product",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Easy To Use","Functional","Good Quality"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Backup","Practicing"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Novice"]}]}}];