Tech Tip:Thickness of a Guitar Neck

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Ian Densmore, United Kingdom


Q: I'm just starting out playing the Electric guitar and I have made a great start with your Learn Rock Beginner DVD and support Web Site.

I am looking forward to buying a new guitar and considering the Epiphone Les Paul Standard or a Fender Strat, as I have a budget of between £300-£400.


My concern is I don't have the largest or longest of hands and fingers, is there any difference between the Neck widths between these two models? Also can you recommend any other make, with the same quality and price range that may better suit my hands? I'm left-handed by the way.


A: Yes, there is a difference in the width of these guitar necks and it is very important that you choose a guitar that fits your hand size or shape.

The Les Paul neck will have a thicker radius from the front to back of the guitar while the Strat will have a wider neck face from top to bottom.


I recommend that you go to a music store and play a few chords with both guitars to see which one feels more comfortable to your hands. It's a very important purchase and you need to make sure that you find the right guitar for you.


You should also check out Ibanez guitars. I have a few of these guitars and the necks are the smallest of all and they're also right in that same price range.


Lastly being left-handed should not pose a problem.

Hope this helps!


Yours in Music
John McCarthy
Rock House