Tech Tip:Strumming Rhythms- Achieving a Natural Flow

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Eric Crust; The Netherlands


Q: I'm having a lot of trouble playing rhythm guitar. Every time I try to play rhythm it comes out sounding stiff and unnatural. Do you have any tips to help me get a good flow to my rhythm playing?


A: The most common problem guitarists have with rhythm is not relaxing to let the rhythm feel natural.


Make sure you're strumming arm is loose; don't tense up your shoulders. Now this is important--be sure to pivot from your elbow and try to keep a consistent flow with your arm.


One big problem many people have is concentrating too hard and holding your breath. If you hold your breath, you will never have a loose natural feel.

Just try to have fun and let your whole body get into the rhythm.


Hope this helps!



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John McCarthy
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