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Buying Guide: DJ Equipment

Stanton DJLab.2 DJ Pack
  Stanton DJLab.2 DJ Pack


So you want to buy some DJ gear, but you need a little more information before you crack open your wallet? This guide will walk you through the different equipment out there and define some of the DJ vocabulary you'll need to know in order to pick the best equipment for you, whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro thinking about adding some digital gear to your setup.

The basic DJ setup includes something to play the audio (turntables or CD/MP3 players), a DJ mixer, DJ headphones, and an amplification system. Keep reading to find out more about the components of a DJ setup, tips and tricks, and advice on the best gear for your playing style.



Part 1: Choosing an audio player

Part 2: Turntables

Part 3: Digital players

Part 4: DJ mixers

Part 5: DJ headphones

Part 6: Glossary