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Buying Guide:DJ Equipment Part 5 - DJ Headphones

One of the main factors you should consider when buying DJ headphones is comfort. You’re going to be wearing them for hours on end, and they should feel good to you. Another important factor is flexibility. Since you’ll want to bend and twist them to many different positions, look for headphones with swivel earpieces. They should allow easy and comfortable listening using only one ear, as you’ll be doing that often when cueing your next song. You’ll also want to look for headphones with a closed-ear design to isolate noise in the high-volume situations you’ll typically be playing in. The better they can isolate noise, the less you’ll have to crank up the volume and damage your ears. Check out our Headphones Buying Guide for more information.

Pioneer HDJ-1000 Pro DJ Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-1000 Pro DJ Headphones
Pioneer HDJ-1000 Pro DJ Headphones Flat

Pioneer HDJ-1000 Pro DJ Headphones Flat



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