Dreadbox Omikron Module

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The heart of a Dreadbox modular system.

Dreadbox has only been around a few years, but this team of analog synth hardware developers based in Greece has established a warm welcome in the analog community. Their modular systems can be purchased altogether or in increments. If you are building your system incrementally, the Omnikron is one of two you would consider getting first, as the Omnikron and the Gamma are the two primary sound-generator modules.

The Omikron features two independent multi-waveform oscillators with coarse and fine-tuning controls, pulse width modulation and two Control Voltage inputs. It features separate outs for each of its four waveshapes: sine, triangle, saw and square (pulse). The two oscillators can be synced and the left panel supplies further routing options.

Any audio source can be fed into the audio interface panel, which additionally features a sub wave generator, audio to gate generator and audio sync converter. These three signals are presented at different output, each of which is controllable by two pots and a level trimmer. It is a rich and complex tone generator with processing that inspires creativity, and a fantastic instrument on its own or a great way to start your Dreadbox modular system.

  • 2 oscillators with 4 waves each
  • Pulse Width modulation input
Audio interface
  • Sub wave generator
  • Audio to Gate generator
  • Audio to Sync convertor
  • Audio can sync the VCO
  • Audio interface
  • In: works with any level of instrument and above
  • Out: Sends the Clean to Sub level at a max 5Vpp, depending on the setting
  • Sync: sends 10Vpp pulse, matching with the frequency of the Audio Input
  • Gate: sends 0-5V pulse
  • Oscillators
  • All waves are 10Vpp
  • PW: accepts +/-5V
  • CV: 1V/oct tunable, accepts +/-12V
  • Osc Frequency Range: No limitations

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