Washburn EA16 Acoustic-Electric Guitar  

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This product has been discontinued but may be available as a Open Box item.

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Created with the performing musician in mind, it offers more than good looks.

The 18:1 ratio Grover tuners will keep this Washburn EA16 Acoustic Electric Guitar in tune throughout your wildest performance. The EA16 now comes standard with the WT-92 preamp for amazing plugged-in sound quality while the built-in tuner provides extra convenience.

  • Spruce top
  • Mahogany sides/back
  • Mahogany neck with trussrod
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Buffed gloss body
  • White binding
  • Stained mahogany/buffed gloss neck
  • Chrome die=cast Grover style tuning machine
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POWERREVIEWS.common.gResult['content/06/22/512768-en_US-7-reviews.js'] = [{r:{id:26359060,si:1,pi:6313340,mu:"richard.petrucci@pnc.com",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Gotta love Fender!",n:"Soldanoman",l:"en_US",w:"Pittsburgh, PA",fc:0,o:"w",d:"1\/16\/2008",db:"2008-01-16T15:45:26",p:"This guitar is just awesome for under a grand... I don\'t know how they do it and stay in business! The only thing you\'ll have to be swap out is the pickups, get a better paint job, frets filed, a decent case, and some new tuners. Probably just another 3-4 hundred dollars. The nitro finish really lets that plywood sing! Think Squire built in the United States w\/o the nice paint. Wow, thanks Fender. At this price, I\'ll buy 20 more."}},{r:{id:26359058,ask:true,si:1,pi:6239894,mu:"mjagg07@yahoo.com",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"AWESOME!!",n:"The guy that lives in my house",l:"en_US",w:"USA",fc:0,o:"w",d:"5\/27\/2008",db:"2008-05-27T07:50:54",p:"This guitar is absolutely awesome! I\'ve owned a Gibson Les Paul for years and was a hardcore Gibson guy. A buddy had a Highway One Strat and I played it and immediately had to have one. The satin finish is beautiful and the neck is silky smooth. The light finish really lets the tone out of the wood and the guitar sounds great. Low, fast and smooth action. The pickups are excellent. Great setup right out of the box. If you\'re wanting a good American made strat at a very good price, then buy this guitar. It\'s worth every penny. I belive my Gibson is gonna be sitting in the corner for some time now."}},{r:{id:26359057,si:1,pi:6398331,dp:true,mu:"dub2424242@yahoo.com",v:0,t:0,r:4,h:"Awesome Stratocaster but...........",n:"Dub-FZ7tW",l:"en_US",w:"Earth",fc:0,o:"w",d:"3\/28\/2007",db:"2007-03-28T09:52:58",p:"This is a great Fender Stratocaster. There are many choices for Strats, and I was comparing a sunburst Highway 1, with the 50\'s Classic Players Strat. The playability of the Highway one is awesome. It was setup perfect from factory with the .09 strings. The frets are jumbo and I prefer that compared to the smaller frets. The construction, fit and finish is great. The pickups are the only thing I would change on the guitar. When compared with the Classic players strat, the Highway one is way darker and the twang is\'nt as pronounced as with the 50\'s style. The Highway 1 pickups have there own character and I do consider them more versatile than the 50\'s. The sound is good and it sounds just like a Fender Stratocaster should but when you A\/B with the 50\'s, the 50\'s strat sounds more "authentic". The Highway 1\'s playability and quality were outstanding, and the 50\'s classic players strat felt "cheaper". The finish on the Highway 1 is light so that the wood "breathes" and is similar to the way Fender painted guitars in the 50\'s and 60\'s. The classic player strat has the more modern paint that is more durable but not as authentic. The Highway 1 stratocaster is an awesome guitar, people are going to love it, and the price will make you want to buy 2."}},{r:{id:26359055,si:1,v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Tips",n:"Anonymous",l:"en_US",w:"Undisclosed",o:"w",d:"7\/17\/2009",db:"2009-07-17T16:17:45",p:"This guitar is great, some things to keep in mind.when the guitar comes from the factory, it WILL be set up. If it\'s not, then someone at Fender\'s facility had heart failure and died before being able to complete your guitar. I made the mistake of trying to set up my strat once it came, and I killed it. I readjusted the string height a bit cause it felt too high, but then once I did that the high E wouldn\'t bend beyond the 12th fret. So I ended up resetting every alteration I had done back to the way it was when I opened it up ... plays great now.The nitro finish looks ... AMAZING with the 2-tone sunburst. Pickups ... meh. Unless you\'re actually looking at this guitar for metal [in which case you should be going for the HSS version anyway], switch the pups out to CS \'69s or something. These things just sound too hot for the "strat tone" that they still manage to wedge in by a hair and a half. True, they struck a balance, but not necessarily a good one..."}},{r:{id:26359054,si:1,pi:6222689,mu:"edgardo.arch@gmail.com",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"USA Highway One",n:"Zeni",l:"en_US",w:"Mohnton",fc:0,o:"w",d:"1\/12\/2011",db:"2011-01-12T14:39:04",p:"Got my Highway One back in November 2010. It has the most beautiful finish I\'ve ever seen. When I pulled it out of the box and out if its case I was impressed by how smooth it was (I got the 3 tone sunburst). It plays beautifully. The pickups do sound darker than a normal strat but still has the strat sound. Its great because now I have 2 strats (mim standard with tex mex pups which sounds brighter than the HW1) and they sound similar but different. I love the greasebucket tone control for the bridge. It lets me play with the bridge pup more than usual because I always found strat bridge pickups too bright. The neck feels wonderful- smooth and fast. The HW1 is also lighter than my MIM. I put 10\'s on mine and they go out of tune easily which I beleive is the string getting caught on the nut. Anyway its a great guitar. Every guitar needs a Setup, unless you already buy it setup"}},{r:{id:26359053,si:1,pi:6327539,mu:"rjweaver1987@hotmail.com",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Best bang for your buck",n:"ryan_weaver",l:"en_US",w:"Jackson, MS",fc:0,o:"w",d:"1\/2\/2009",db:"2009-01-02T07:38:11",p:"I bought one of these about two years ago. I played a lot of other American made strats that cost a whole lot more $ and ended up buying this one. True, it does have a satin nitro finish and the pickups are MIM but as far as playability, it is just as great as ANY American strat I have ever come across. I put 3 lace sensor hot golds in mine with the hot bridge and a 25 db mid-boost in mine and everywhere I play it people think its gotta be atleast a $2k dollar guitar and the truth is that I have less than a grand in the whole thing. As far as value goes, this is it. Stays in tune wonderfully, tremo and nut are same as any american standard, amazing fast neck and a great 70\'s look and feel. No other guitar can touch this American quality at this price."}},{r:{id:26359052,si:1,pi:6321196,mu:"cmongiello@lucent.com",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"best strat",n:"chris-yAb5V",l:"en_US",w:"new jersey",fc:0,o:"w",d:"4\/21\/2008",db:"2008-04-21T08:12:20",p:"this strat rocks!great finish, pups, hardware etc...certainly pays to go usa, however i have played some very good mimsjust a little set-up and you are done"}},{r:{id:26359050,si:1,pi:6408939,mu:"pmichteinz@gmail.com",v:0,t:1,r:5,h:"Affordable American Made Guitar",n:"Pmichteinz-2nMpG",l:"en_US",w:"Minnesota",fc:0,o:"w",d:"6\/26\/2010",db:"2010-06-26T14:41:30",p:"I\'ve owned this style strat for about 3-4 years now and I think this thing sounds and plays great. When I got it, yea they action was high and there was some trem issues but thats what I deserve for ordering from the internet. I\'ve played them in store and they all played fine so I don\'t know what others are whining about. As with all strats in history, when you use the trem a lot it\'ll go out of tune but hey, you think Hendrix\'s didn\'t do that??? My suggestion to you, the buyer of this guitar, is to strap some .11 Gauge strings on there and you\'ll instantly fall in love. This is my definite go to guitar."}},{r:{id:26359049,si:1,pi:6373588,dp:true,mu:"drh1582@mchsi.com",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Highway Strat 2006 upgrades.",n:"JustMyThoughts",l:"en_US",w:"Huntsville, AL",fc:0,o:"w",d:"4\/25\/2007",db:"2007-04-25T07:41:47",p:"Since I\'m proud to be an American, I have a hard time justifying the purchase of a guitar not made in the United States. I think 85% of the guitar is made here (close enough I suppose). Features that I like: I\'ve always liked the vintage tremolo system. 22 medium jumbo frets. 70\'s style headstock. It\'s cheap enough that modifying it to my tastes is not an issue.The pickups aren\'t bad at all. I am planning to replace them with hot noiseless pickups. If you don\'t mind the hum when you only have one pickup selected, I don\'t see a reason why you\'d replace them. I\'ve added schaller locking tuners and roller string trees. The guitar now stays in tune even during extreme tremolo use. I do use GHS guitar lube on the nut. I also did a setup...lowered the nut grooves, adjusted the saddles, and adjusted the neck. I\'ve been extremely happy with the purchase. Oh if you don\'t like the paint, a $5 can of paint can fix the problem (not recommended). Or do like I did and polish it.This is the strat to get if you like customizing it to your likings."}},{r:{id:26359048,si:1,pi:6321195,mu:"mharrell31@yahoo.com",v:0,t:0,r:4,h:"better than the 70\'s",n:"pacman-A0N8T",l:"en_US",w:"atlanta",fc:0,o:"w",d:"9\/13\/2009",db:"2009-09-13T19:09:00",p:"this axe is much nicer than the strat I had as my first guitar. Slimmer neck, much easier to play. I am a gibson man, but I do recommend this slab o wood,Easy neck, unlike the old u shape I highly recomend this guitar,and if you practice its a very easy lovechop, and good looking too"}}];