PRS SE Singlecut Electric Guitar  

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This product has been discontinued but may be available as a Open Box item.

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Supreme resonance from a streamlined tonal monster.

The PRS SE Singlecut Electric Guitar features a gorgeous bookmatched, heavily flamed maple veneer (on transparent-finish models) above a maple top and a mahogany back. This tried-and-true wood combination produces great resonance with bold bottom end. The PRS SE Singlecut guitar is enhanced by a PRS-designed tremolo for direct transfer of string vibration. PRS-designed humbucker pickups turn all that resonance into nearly endless sustain. Bird fretboard inlays and natural maple top binding add a little Paul Reed Smith flair to the SE Singlecut. Case sold separately.

  • Flamed maple top
  • Mahogany back
  • Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 22 frets
  • 25" scale
  • PRS-designed Treble and Bass Humbucker pickups
  • Wide-fat neck carve
  • Bird inlays
  • Nickel hardware
  • PRS-designed tremolo
  • PRS-designed tuners
  • Volume, tone controls with 3-way pickup selector toggle
  • Nickel hardware
  • Case sold separately
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POWERREVIEWS.common.gResult['content/07/85/H95663-en_US-3-reviews.js'] = [{r:{id:36250729,ask:true,si:1,pi:7939693,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Sweet Pedal",n:"Buckster*",l:"en_US",w:"Pasadena, MD.",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",d:"7\/4\/2013",db:"2013-07-04T08:19:02",p:"Great response when volume rolled back",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Compact Design","Excellent Sound Quality","Responsive","Responsive To Pick Attack"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Amateur Recording","Crunchy Rhythm","Home Studio","Performances","Professional Recording"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}]}},{r:{id:36208717,ask:true,si:1,pi:8934840,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Great pedal, if you have a tube",n:"Ay Jay",l:"en_US",w:"Oakdale, CA",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"w",d:"7\/2\/2013",db:"2013-07-02T16:38:32",p:"I bought this pedal after reading raving reviews and seeing that the most negative was still a good review. My one cavot emptor is this: This pedal is not for a solid-state. This is a pedal meant for a tube amp. Solid-states make the effect sound fake!",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Compact Design","Excellent Sound Quality","Responsive"]},{n:"Cons",k:"cons",v:["None Whatsoever","Not For A Solid-state Amp"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Amateur Recording","Events","Performances"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}]}},{r:{id:35845273,ask:true,si:1,pi:6203901,mu:"",v:0,t:1,r:5,h:"A Keeper",n:"Puppy",l:"en_US",w:"Oak Ridge, TN",fc:1,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"w",d:"6\/18\/2013",db:"2013-06-18T10:53:03",p:"Gritty is the best way to describe this pedal. It doesn\'t \'muffle\' your tone like a tube screamer. It\'s not totally wide spectrum either. Lots of crunch, fairly tight low end. Imagine an OCD crossed with a BigMuff crossed with an LPB1, or maybe an MI Audio Crunch Box being fed by a Timmy. Low-end girth, high end crispness, and a pretty juicy mid.

I really love it, but agree that the upper freqs, being somewhat sharp, are best handled by a tube amp. However, it sounds really good through a solid state amp, too - you just may need to dial back the tone a bit more.

The Gain knob seems to add more low-end distortion\/saturation into the mix, rather than really increase the volume. At zero, you get a nice breakup (think Jimmie Lee Vaughn\'s tone from the 1990\'s), at 100%, you get a lot more saturation. However, the volume difference isn\'t huge between the two ends of the spectrum, so it\'s more a tone\/saturation\/low-end control than gain knobs are on most dirt boxes.

I have one of those Rogue Blues Distortion pedals that I\'ve kept around to mod a bit (increase the low end), because I like the \'character\' of that pedal (again, it\'s kinda like Jimmie Lee\'s tone). I think I can sell that pedal now, because this one sounds\/feels very similar to that one, but w\/o the need to modify it.

The \'James\' vids DO the pedal justice, IMO. When I put mine through a big ole tube amp, it sounds VERY much like the tones James gets.

Me likey! Me keepy!",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Excellent Sound Quality","Responsive"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}]}},{r:{id:35712022,si:1,pi:6241551,mu:"",v:0,t:1,r:3,h:"Not the analog tone I was looking for",n:"Roknrol01",l:"en_US",w:"south Florida",fc:0,o:"e",d:"6\/12\/2013",db:"2013-06-12T06:37:22",p:"I was hoping for a true analog tone from this compact easy to use pedal. But was some what disappointed with the digital signal of this distortion unit. Not sure if i could recommend this pedal or not. Maybe I just have to tweek it some more and find the correct amp settings. This compact pedal IS easy to use though.",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Compact Design"]},{n:"Cons",k:"cons",v:["Limited Selection Of Effects","Poor Sound Quality"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}]}},{r:{id:35694445,ask:true,si:1,pi:8849172,mu:"",v:0,t:2,r:3,h:"m69 great ped",n:"mobra27",l:"en_US",w:"mobile ala",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",d:"6\/11\/2013",db:"2013-06-11T06:35:04",p:"i think overall it is great,but it is only great used with a tube amp and it will raise the bar if u dig in to it",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Excellent Sound Quality","Responsive"]},{n:"Cons",k:"cons",v:["Limited Selection Of Effects"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}]}},{r:{id:35694203,si:1,pi:8847587,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:4,h:"Good Value",n:"Perry",l:"en_US",w:"undisclosed",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",d:"6\/10\/2013",db:"2013-06-10T21:16:59",p:"Works as advertised, easy to use, excellent value.",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Compact Design","Excellent Sound Quality","Responsive","Versatile"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Amateur Recording","Home Studio"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Novice"]}]}},{r:{id:35632265,si:1,v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Good sound with TRUE bypass. a must buy!",n:"AK",l:"en_US",w:"Cincinnati, Ohio",b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",d:"6\/9\/2013",db:"2013-06-09T09:28:29",p:"the tone and sound is awesome. obviously ever guitar will sound different but this is a must buy for your pedal board in terms of distortion. the tone can have a clean crisp distortion all the way to a heavy distortion. I love this thing! Highly recommended!",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Compact Design","Excellent Sound Quality","Responsive","Versatile"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Events","Home Studio","Performances"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Novice"]}]}},{r:{id:35641740,si:1,pi:8834813,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"Wow!!! Great low-cost rock tone",n:"distratman",l:"en_US",w:"Hamburg, NY",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",d:"6\/8\/2013",db:"2013-06-08T08:13:23",p:"easy to get sounds from 70\'s and 80\'s metal. The tone is very responsive. I find it works best with a clean channel on the amp and with the gain pretty high, then control from guitar volume. It is very responsive to the guitar volume and I manage to get all sorts of cool tones out of it. Tried it with a strat and les paul. Both sounded great and very different from each other...expectedly. For the price this is a risk, right? Very pleasantly surprised for the same reason. MXR has done it again!!!!",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Compact Design","Excellent Sound Quality","Good Selection Of Effects","Responsive","Versatile"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Home Studio","Performances"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Professional Musician"]}]}},{r:{id:35640821,ask:true,si:1,pi:7751470,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:4,h:"Cool pedal for the price",n:"pkr",l:"en_US",w:"WV",fc:0,b:{n:"Bottom Line",k:"Yes"},o:"e",d:"6\/8\/2013",db:"2013-06-08T04:39:55",p:"Great distortion pedal for the price. Seems really well built and durable.",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Compact Design","Excellent Sound Quality","Responsive"]},{n:"Best Uses",k:"bestuses",v:["Events","Home Studio","Performances","Professional Recording"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Novice"]}]}},{r:{id:35639441,ask:true,si:1,pi:7648219,mu:"",v:0,t:0,r:5,h:"distortion without noise",n:"Mark",l:"en_US",w:"Montecito CA",fc:0,o:"e",d:"6\/7\/2013",db:"2013-06-07T20:14:02",p:"Worth it and was a great price!",g:[{n:"Pros",k:"pros",v:["Great Sound","Has Tone And Distortion","No Background Noise"]},{n:"Describe Yourself",k:"describeyourself",v:["Experienced"]}]}}];