SCHLAGWERK Cajon Agile Base Natural 

(Natural)  Sku #J07132000001000

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Powerful bass with clear snare tones.

This Agile base model is part of Schlagwerk's new Agile Series, offering an exciting, new flexibly adjustable Agile string technology that gives these cajons the perfect attack. The fully bonded playing surface offers crisp high notes and a powerful bass along with clear but not too dry snare and bass separation.

Agilis is a Latin word meaning "easily moved". The word "agile" has developed from this in many languages as a synonym for energy, ease and liveliness. A fitting name for Schlagwerk's new cajon series. The technical core is formed by a removable element for creating an exceptionally fast and precisely responsive snare sound.

This sensitive attack is produced in the base & dual models using a snare carpet. In the pro models a flexible damping system combined with adjustable string tension ensures a very agile attack.

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