Yamaha YVRD-2700GC Gold Intermediate Vibraphone With Multi-Frame II Stand and Cover 582355

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A complete rig for stage and field.

The Yamaha YVRD-2700GC KIT includes the Yamaha YVRD-2700G Intermediate Vibraphone, the Yamaha Multi-Frame II Mobile Marimba/Xylophone Stand, and a protective drop cover.

Yamaha YVRD-2700G Intermediate Vibraphone
The Yamaha YVRD-2700G 3-octave Vibraphone offers precise tuning and an exceptionally smooth mechanical operation. This intermediate level instrument features graduated glossy gold aluminum alloy bars help keep the keyboard compact and offer a mellow, focused tone. The 1-1/2" width and 1/2" thick bars utilize the exclusive Yamaha tuning method for true pitch. Comes complete with a protective drop cover.

Multi-Frame II Mobile Marimba/Xylophone Stand
Yamaha's Multi-Frame II stand has been redesigned to support select Yamaha instruments and accessories even better than before. It is equally suited for indoor stage or outdoor field use. Frame features 1 1/2" square piping on three sides and an easy-to-use clamping system let your outfit your rig with a variety of accessories. A new compressed gas spring system with pneumatic struts makes height adjustment of the entire rack a quick and easy operation for one person and allows all players to find the most comfortable playing position. 6" castors, with an in-line locking system for both the swivel and hub rotation, let you easily transport your instrument over any terrain. The two casters on the player's side are easy to reach and secure the instrument during pedaling.

  • Yamaha YVRD-2700G Intermediate Vibraphone
  • 3-octave vibraphone
  • Intermediate level
  • Graduated aluminum alloy bars
  • 1-1/2" width and 1/2" thick bars allow projection and full tone
  • Glossy gold finish produces a mellow, focused sound
  • Utilizes Yamaha's tuning method for true pitch
  • Quiet YVM-100 motor has silent pause control
  • Silent fan speed slider control eliminates unwanted noise
  • Multi-Frame II Marimba/Xylophone Mobile Stand
  • Compressed gas spring height adjustment system with pneumatic struts
  • Accessory bar spanning three sides allows more mounting locations
  • 1-1/2" square pipe provides non-slip shape for clamps to hold accessories and protects instrument frame
  • Easy-to-use mounting clamps makes set-up and teardown simple
  • 6 heavy-duty casters with in-line locking mechanism

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YVRD-2700GC Gold Intermediate Vibraphone With Multi-Frame II Stand and Cover 582355 Specifications:

  • Model: YVRD-2700GC with Multi-Frame II Stand
    Range: 3 octaves, F33-F69
    Pitch: A=442Hz.
    Bars: Yamaha exclusive aluminum alloy with glossy gold finish
    Bar Sizes: graduating from 1 ½ " to 2 ¼ " x ½"
    Resonators: gold finish
    Height Adjustment: gas-shock height adjustment system
    1-1/2" square accessory bar on three sides
    Compressed gas spring system for effortless height adjustments
    Motor: YVM-100 with silent pause control; 25-150 RPM
    Pedal: swivel; oversized
    Casters: 6" casters with in-line locking system
    Dimensions: 65-7/8 " x 37-5/8"
    Weight: 161-7/8 pounds
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