Yamaha YM5104AC Custom 5.5 Octave Rosewood Marimba with Cover

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With a streamlined design and pneumatic struts for effortless height adjustment.

The YM5104AC Marimba features graduated rosewood bars that produce a traditional sound and an even projection throughout the instrument's range. Yamaha's exclusive tuning method that ensures true pitch and full sound.

Cut-away designed resonators have a 3-position tracking system that allows resonator height adjustment for pitch and tone control and also provides additional strength while reducing overall instrument weight. These nut/bolt and welded resonators are made with denser alloys and thicker walls maximize the tone and ensure rattle-free play.

A height adjustable frame has pneumatic struts that allow one person to easily place the instrument in a comfortable playing position. Hinged resonators and rails, along with a two-piece crossbar, make tear down a simple task. Oversized 4" casters allow for easy transport over rough surfaces.

Thanks to years of research and development with top artists - covering tuning, bar design and frame construction - Yamaha boasts the most sought-after marimbas in the world.

5 1/2 Octaves
Graduated rosewood bars
Exclusive Yamaha tuning method
Cut-away designed resonators with a 3-position tracking system
Height adjustable frame with pneumatic struts
Oversized 4" casters

Order a marimba that is portable, practical, and professional.


YM5104AC Custom 5.5 Octave Rosewood Marimba with Cover Specifications:

Range: 5 ½ octaves, C16-C83
Bars: Honduran rosewood
Bar sizes: 1 5/8 " - 2 7/8" wide, ¾ " - 1" thick
Resonators: brushed tan finish, with special shapes, denser alloy, and thicker walls. Helmholz (C16 to F21). Round cornered rectangle (F#22-A#26)
Height: adjustable pneumatic strut system 33 7/8" - 39 ¾ "
Dimensions: 110 5/8 " x 40 ½ "
Pitch: A=442Hz (other pitches available by special order)
Weight: 218 lb.
Wheels: 4", two locking
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