Sonor Rosewood Tenor-Alto Xylophone

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Sonor Rosewood Tenor-Alto Xylophones are crafted from only the finest materials. They feature precision-crafted rosewood bars for perfect intonation. C1 - C3 with F# and Bb bars. Meisterklasse are the finest instruments crafted by Sonor. Built entirely in the company's German factory where exceptional manufacturing techniques create sonically and physically superior musical instruments.

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Rosewood Tenor-Alto Xylophone Specifications:

  • Type: Tenor alto
    Sound bar color: Natural
    Sound bar material: Rosewood
    Resonator box: 5 chambers made of pine plywood
    Sseries: Meisterklasse
    Tuning: Overtone tuning up to c-sharp2, fundamental tuning from d2
    Scale: C major scale
    Tones: C1, D1, E1, F1, F-sharp1, G1, A1, B-flat1, B1, C2, D2, E2, F2, F-sharp2, G2, A2, B-flat2, B2, C3
    Accessories: One pair Concert Mallet, SCH 16
    Lowest note: C1
    Highest note: C3
    Number of notes: 19
    Item no.: 23200301
    Sound bars: Rosewood, natural, 38 mm x 18 mm
    Sound bar width: 38 mm
    Sound bars thickness: 18 mm
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