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Warburton ATV Advanced Training Visualizer Trumpet Backbore Only ATV Trumpet Backbore 

(ATV Trumpet Backbore)  Sku #J20521000001000

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Replacement for ATV system backbore.

Brass teachers have used visualizers as a diagnostic tool since the 1920s. Warburton' approach with the A.T.V. goes beyond visual diagnostics, providing an advanced, high-intensity Isotonic workout and low-intensity exercises to develop a relaxed aperture for improved tone in the lower and middle registers. This is the backbore component of the sstem.

The objective is simple: To create a strong, vibrant buzz across the entire width of the aperture (rim to rim). The A.T.V. provides an unadulterated raw assessment of the state of your buzz and becomes the ideal tool for making improvements in that area.

The results are stunning: In addition to muscle conditioning, the A.T.V. will help you learn to maximize the quality of your buzz in the lower, middle, and upper registers, which will yield substantial results when playing your trumpet.

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