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Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Group II in Gold  15 Gold

(15Gold)  Sku #620257000930901

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A perfect compliment to your playing ability.

Few companies know more about mouthpiece manufacture, design and physics than the Schilke Company. They make a complete line of excellent trumpet mouthpieces that work with any instrument but especially compliment their fine line of outstanding trumpets.
Cup Diameter (First number in label): cups range from shallow to deep in numeric order from low to high
Cup Volume (First letter in label): volume ranges from A to E from small to large - A: Small; B: Medium-Small; C: Medium (Standard); D: Medium-Large; E: Large
Rim Contour (Second number in label): rims range from roundest to slightly rounded in numeric order from low to high - 1: Roundest; 2: Simi-Round; 3: Standard; 4: Semi-Flat; 5: Slightly Rounded
Backbore (Last letter in label): backbores range from tight to large in alphabetical order: a: Tight; b: Straight; c: Standard; d: Slightly Curved Out; e: Large

Diameter mmDiameter InchesDescription
17.14 .675 A larger diameter mouthpiece with a shallow "A" cup and tight "a" backbore for upper register playing. #4 semi-flat rim offers comfort in upper register.
17.14 .675 Same as the 15A4a but with a larger "c" backbore for an open feel.
17.12 .674 With the same diameter as the #15, this mouthpiece includes "B" style cup which produces a more brilliant sound than the standard #15 mouthpiece.
17.12 .674 An excellent all-around mouthpiece which offers a free blowing, clear sound.
17.14 .675 This mouthpiece is similar to the #15 but with the #4 semi-flat rim for increased endurance.
17.20 .677 Same as the #16C4 except the shallower, medium-small "B" cup offers more resistance, providing a brighter quality of sound. The 16B4 is an excellent choice for Eb trumpet when a player requires a bigger rim diameter.
17.20 .677 Like Similar to the 16 in dimensions, this mouthpiece offers our #4 semi-flat rim for a more traditional feel and increased endurance.
17.20 .677 With all the standard Schilke charactistics, this medium-large diameter mouthpiece produces a full, free blowing quality.
17.20 .677 This model offers the same options as the 16, but instead offers a #2 rim for increased flexibility.
17.33 .682 Well suited for the player looking for a shallower cup in a larger diameter. Medium-small "B" cup offers more brilliance for projection with #4 semi-flat rim for comfort.
17.33 .682 A compromise of all the medium characteristics, this mouthpiece is an excellent medium to large diameter mouthpiece.
17.33 .682 This mouthpiece includes a deeper "D" cup and #4 semi-flat rim for improved endurance.
17.33 .682 A larger blowing mouthpiece than the 17D4 because of the increase "d" backbore.
17.52 .690 Ideal for a classical player looking for a commercial sound, the medium shallow cup and semi-flat rim provide resistance and comfort for upper register playing. Cup shape offers some sparkle in the sound with enough volume for tone.
17.52 .690 The high point being nearer to the center makes this mouthpiece feel smaller than it is. The standard characteristics produce a rich, brilliant tone
17.52 .690 Similar in dimension to the 18 but with a larger "d" backbore producing a large, teutonic tone.
17.65 .695 The "C" cup, #3 rim and standard "c" backbore are similar to the #20 but with a slightly smaller diameter
17.78 .700 This large diameter is for the robust embouchure. Original mouthpiece of choice for Renold O. Schilke.
17.73 .698 Similar to the #20 in diameter but includes a larger "D" style cup, #2 semi-round rim and larger "d" backbore.
18.03 .710 Similar to the #20 but with a larger inside dimeter.
18.29 .720 Our largest cup diameter offered. This mouthpiece provides a huge volume of sound.

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