Radial Engineering Voco-Loco Vocal Preamp and Effect Switcher

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Fine-tune your effects control.

The Voco-Loco is a foot-controlled effects loop that enables the lead vocalist, sax or trumpet player to incorporate guitar effects pedals into the signal path, just like an electric guitarist adds effects for soloing.

The design begins with a state-of-the-art mic preamp that is designed to accept both a standard dynamic microphone or a condenser by activating the built-in phantom power supply. A great sounding two band EQ with low and high frequency shelving makes it easy to add warmth and shimmer. The signal is then sent to the guitar pedals via a transformer isolated hi-Z effects loop circuit that is equipped with individual send & receive controls to optimize signal-to-noise and reduce distortion. A tone control on the return path lets you smooth the sound of pedals that may be overly bright and the blend control lets you mix the original 'dry' signal with the 'wet' effect to set the perfect mix.

Simply plug your mic into the Voco-Loco via the XLR input, connect your effects pedals using standard ¼" guitar cables, and then send the output from the Voco-Loco to the input on your mixer. Before the song begins, choose which effects you want on and - when you are ready - activate the loop using the right hand footswitch. A second footswitch serves double-duty as either a mute switch to turn off the mic between sets or as a 100% wet effects loop for special situations where you may not want any of the clean signal to pass through.

With the Voco-Loco in your signal chain, you can add delay or reverb, maybe a touch of distortion or even a special effect like a wah-wah to enhance your solo performance. The options are only limited by your imagination and desire to stand out from the crowd!

  • Add guitar effects pedals to vocals or instruments
  • Create exciting and unique effects as you perform
  • Turn on multiple effects using one footswitch

Impeccable build quality and smart design. Order yours today.


Voco-Loco Vocal Preamp and Effect Switcher Specifications:

  • Audio circuit type: Integrated Op-Amp with Class A FET input circuit
    Frequency response: 20Hz 20kHz
    Total harmonic distortion: <0.005%
    Dynamic range: 100dB
    Input impedance: 10K-Ohms
    Maximum input: +10dB
    Gain: 52dB
    Clip level output: +15dBu
    Output impedance: 300 Ohms
    Equivalent input noise: -120dBu
    Noise floor: -85dBu
    Intermodulation distortion: <0.005%
    Phase deviation: 8 @50Hz
    Common mode rejection: -73dB @55Hz
    FX loop input impedance: 100K
    FX loop output impedance: 3000 Ohms
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