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DV Mark Multiamp 3-Channel Preamp/Effects Processor/Power Amp

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DV Mark

One system for all of your gigs.

This rack-mountable preamp/effects processor/power amp is the perfect all-in-one solution for today's modern guitarists. The MULTIAMP offers an amazingly wide range of tones with faithful reproduction of every sound characteristic, plus the nuance and feel of real amps, cabs and effects. It is an invaluable tool for both live and studio work. From the bedroom to the pro studio and from coffeehouses to arenas, the MULTIAMP is the perfect answer.

  • One jack input
  • Two jack outputs
  • Three channels (Clean, Crunch and Lead)
  • Gain, Presence, Level and Master controls
  • Bass, Mid and High EQ controls
  • Virtual amps
  • Speaker cabs and mic effects
  • External memory

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