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Impulse Record

Choose from 58 different speaker cabinet impulse response combinations.

Impulse Record's extensive collection of impulse responses allows you to choose from a wide range of locations and spaces to apply to your music or film productions. When working with audio, reverb is by far one of the most important processing effects to be applied. Reverbs come in many styles, but convolution reverbs offer a great deal of realism and flexibility by working with impulse responses from actual locations. An impulse response captures the acoustic characteristics of a space such as a room, church, hall or other location, and translates it into data that can be utilized by convolution reverbs. This leads the way for packages of impulse responses to be captured and sold for use in the studio.

The Vintage Amps Impulse Response collection includes a total of 58 speaker cabinet combinations with stunning sonic detail. Want to add a vintage Vox AC30H2 to your guitar or a classic 1977 Marshall Orange - no problem. Just plug in your guitar and play through some of these vintage classics for some astounding results. Vintage Amps Impulse Response includes classics from Crate, Fender, Gretsch, Marshall, Mesa and many more.

  • 58 different vintage amp impulse responses to choose from
  • Impulse responses from Fender, Crate, Marshall, Vox, and more

Add the sound of a vintage amp to your music and film producitons. Download Vintage Amps IR today!


Vintage Amp Impulse Response Software Download Specifications:

  • Vintage Amp IRs included:
  • Allen Encore Clean
  • Allen Encore Crunch
  • Allen Encore Crunch Mesa Tri-Axis LD2 GRN DIST
  • Ampeg BA 115
  • Ampeg BA 115 setting 4
  • Boom Box Small (multiple)
  • Crate GFX 120
  • Crate GFX 120 over drive 1
  • Crate GFX 120 over drive 2
  • Crate GFX 120 over drive 3
  • Crate GFX 120 over drive 4
  • DR Z Galaxie Ch1 semi clean
  • DR Z Galaxie Ch2 distortion
  • Fender 1965 Twin Master Custom
  • Fender 1965 Twin Master Custom 2
  • Fender 1965 Twin Master Custom fast tremelo with reverb
  • Fender 1965 Twin Master Custom fastest tremolo with reverb
  • Fender 1965 Twin Master Custom reverb at 5
  • Fender 1965 Twin Master Custom with heavy spring reverb
  • Gretsch 1957 Half Curve
  • Gretsch 1957 Half Curve main and tweeter mix
  • Gretsch 1957 Half Curve tweeter
  • Gretsch 1957 Half Curve with room ambience
  • Gretsch 1957 Half Curve 2
  • Gretsch 1957 Half Curve 3
  • Marshall 1987 50 watt RI distortion
  • Marshall 1987 50 watt Tri-axis LD 1 RED Distortion
  • Marshall 1987 50 watt Tri-Axis LD2 Green Distorion
  • Marshall 1987 50 watt Tri-Axis RHY GRN Clean
  • Marshall Orange 1977
  • Marshall Orange 1977 2
  • Marshall Orange 1977 tremelo
  • Marshall Orange 1977 with room ambience
  • Matchless Spitfire
  • Matchless Spitfire Mesa Tri-Axis Mesa RHY GRN CLean
  • Mesa Tr-Axis RHY GRN CLean
  • Mesa Tr-Axis LD 1 RED Distortion
  • Mesa Tr-Axis LD1 Green Distorion
  • Mesa Tr-Axis LD2 Green Distorion
  • TV (multiple)
  • Vox 1958 AC30H2 (1)
  • Vox 1958 AC30H2 (2)
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