Line 6 POD XT Live Guitar Multi Effects Pedal  

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This product has been discontinued but may be available as a used item.

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Line 6

Puts the power of PODXT at your feet!

The Line 6 POD XT Live Pedal is the POD XT in footcontroller form. With its rugged steel construction, 11-channel select and effect on/off footswitches, and a built-in wah/volume/tweak pedal, POD XT Live puts the power of the POD at your feet for onstage use. Included are 84 pro-quality stompbox and studio effects, 36 amp models, plus 24 cab, and 4 mic models--all built from the award-winning technology found in the Vetta II amp and storable to 128 programmable channels. Unlike the other members of the POD family, POD XT Live guitar pedal also features a Variax digital input so you can call up a fully customized guitar, amp, or effects setup—all by stepping on a single footswitch. USB digital I/O combined with Line 6 Edit software allows computer-based tone editing and direct digital recording.


  • Rugged steel construction
  • 11 channel select and effect on/off footswitches
  • Built-in wah/volume/tweak pedal
  • 84 pro-quality stompbox and studio effects
  • 36 amp models
  • 24 cab models
  • 4 mic models
  • Award-winning technology and sounds from the Vetta II amp
  • 128 programmable channels
  • Variax digital input
  • USB digital I/O

It's a POD for the live performer. Order today!

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Most Liked Positive Review


Line 6 Pod XT Live...Get it!!!

This review is for all those who have said the Pod XT Live is no good live or only for shredding...Give the PodXT Live a try...This is the best box, bar...Read complete review

This review is for all those who have said the Pod XT Live is no good live or only for shredding...Give the PodXT Live a try...This is the best box, bar none, all things considered! This thing gives you multiple amp and cabinets, mic selection and positioning, effects, wah, gate, you name it! Purists...gonna lug your JCM 800 and your Triple Rec and your AC30 and your Twin and your Plexi and your Matchless and your Soldano...oh and 30ish stomp boxes, not to mention your wah, volume pedal and tuner...oh and I forgot all the cabs that go with them...I'll get 99% of the sound of 30 vintage amps I'll never own, the ability to program via computer, and change it all with one footswitch! Folks, trust me on this...Don't blow your money on other stuff! This one won't matter what type of music you play. Couple this thing with a Variax and you can go from acoustic through a JC120 to a Triple REC and a Paul with one switch! I'll take it and have less money invested, more flexibility and reliability, and carry it all in two bags! Give the thing a go...try'll see!


Most Liked Negative Review


Overrated reviews here

I have the Vox Tonelab a Digitech GNX3 and the Line 6 Live. The live has a couple strong points, USB hookup is the best. BUT if you have a Mac like me, ...Read complete review

I have the Vox Tonelab a Digitech GNX3 and the Line 6 Live. The live has a couple strong points, USB hookup is the best. BUT if you have a Mac like me, you will be disappointed, the is NOT compatible with Macs, the Editing software is NOT compatible with Macs, and the online library is not for XT Live....probably will also be NOT for Macs when it's up. Of course, no mention anywhere about no Mac support, their site claims everything works with Mac OSX, that is false advertising! Majority of the tomes are very thin sounding, or the opposite muffled. Model packs I got as a present, but I would not recommend, nothing anyone could do on their own. LED small, tuner is very small, tuner on Vox much better. The chorus sounds are great on the Line 6, but overall the Vox has a much more realistic sound, warmer, & not so tinny sounding as the Line 6 at high volumes. The GNX has drum machine, sequencer, etc...FYI support from Line 6 is long long wait on hold, and not the sharpest.

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Absolutely Awesome!!!

By Ray-SKsND

from Lockport,IL

Very Easy to use I've used it live a couple of times onstage, Very easy to use the preset are very cool to mess around with the presets or download new ones it can be very addicting, Buy the carrying case though if you are transporting it anywhere it is nicely padded and fits very snug.

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Great unit for any style of music

By Nick-Qswjf

from Cold Spring, Kentucky

This unit is amazing. I've had mine for going on 3 years now. I can use it to do any kind of distortion or clean sound I'm looking for. Also, Line 6 is having all sorts of awesome promotions on the model packs because of the release of the X3 live. The XT Live comes stock with the effects junkie, but if you're a metal head the Metal Shop pack is a must. If you're an aspiring bassist as well, get the Bass pack. Lastly, if you love the way some vintage amps sound and love the great low gain sounds that go with the high gain sounds from the other packs, get the collector's classics pack, it rules. This thing eats the Boss GT series and the DigiTech GNX series alive. It incredible all around. Sure, the Boss has great effects, but terrible amp models, and the GNX can be a pain in the butt to use, not to mention the delay when switching patches in te GNX3000. I've tried them all, and I always come back to Line 6. You will too.

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Excellent Hardware!


from Winston-Salem, NC

The POD xt Live is extremely good for deep metal tones. You can cumstomize tones or build them from the ground up. It has some pretty amazing stock effects as well. Definite buy.

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Not impressed

By Steve-wd904

from Canada

To say the least, Line 6 has put a shotty product onto the market and I happened to get a poorly made one. I have a few complaints about the quality of this piece of equipment, first off the expression pedal is rediculously squeaky and you cant open the board up to lubricate it without voiding the warranty. Second of all, your amp hums far too much when you plug the USB cable into your computer for direct recording which is completely stupid, it shouldnt do that. Finally, there are constant volume issues with this board, the input knob allows you to adjust volume going to your amp, however every time I try to adjust it, the volume cuts in half and even when that knob is turned all the way up and the volume control for your patch is cranked, it still isnt very loud and I wind up having to crank my amp to max and its still not very loud (Fender Pro Junior) when usually its blisteringly loud. The things that I can say that are positive are that some of the effects are good like the whammy pedal, some distortion settings and the direct recording feature is really good, however the hum through your amp is a huge problem. The wah effects are also a big issue, even at lower volumes I get constant feedback every time I press the expression pedal down and its becoming a nuisance. I do not recommend the POD XT Live unless you try it out first.

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By alec

from australia

ive always played along the riffs of good old angus and i played some muse and slayer and my friend bought this pedal and wow!! my amp couldnt give me the muddy noise that a marshall had to give me that acdc distortion sound and i was at my mates hows messing around with this and i saw it had some nice amp models and i loaded up a marshall (he plays a vox AC 30) and it just gave this really awesome ( im not really a fan of voxs they can never stay in good condition for longer than 3 months something always goes wrong). but that vox pumped out a greater and warmer sound than it was capable of doing on its own... we also linked up the vox with a fender bassman100 stack with a marshal cab and the fender gives a very hollow sound its just different than what you would get from the vox and really it sounded sweet using that pedal..... like i see that they dont connect so well with macs its understandable i would run it through a seperate laptop it just works better as its portable and if i need to download any new sound for it i can via the laptop...also another great feature it has is soo many banks to save your own sound in so you can really have a effect for every occasion absolutley awesome i am so investing in this pedal i recommend it for anyone who A loves playing live and for those of you who run studios like we did and you just give your clients so much to choose from which makes it great for you and them.... its a must have

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TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!




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Perfect ! You have everything you need for play and record!

By Leo

from Brazil

Pod xt live have all you perfect for live and recording....ther isn't better !

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Not too bad

By Corey

from Maryland

The Pod XT Live is not a bad product. To all of you out there that can't get a good tone out of your amp, you're doing it all wrong. If you know anything about using a Pod XT live, you should know that to get the best sound you should run it through a preamp. The Pod XT is pretty much a stand alone EQ and if your getting a bad sound it's because most amps are already bassy or have alot of highs, so adding those circumstances to something that should stand alone is whats messing up your sound. Do yourself a favor and pick up a nice preamp and use the pod for your tone as a whole.

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By Daniel-dTxFV

from Louisiana

Simply amazing. It can be plugged up to a USB port for direct recording and tone downloading or uploading. This is the best processor I have ever played. Its upgradable, and Line 6 is so good at modeling- it's the best around. Great product. With Line 6 Variax guitar- this thing produces the best sounds ever. It's very easy to learn, anyone can pick it up in about 20 mins. It has so many features your head will spin. Amazing.

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Great Product

By Old Man With Too Many Guitars :)

from Southern California

If you have a Variax, and record at home, there is no better product on the market than the XT Live. I do both live and studio work. I think it does a good job live, but its in the recording studio where it shines the most! Amazing when its hooked up to a Variax! I love this unit and highly recommend it!

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