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Matrix mixer, loudspeaker controller, signal router.

The Sabine Navigator System Processor offers more choices for maximum flexibility. Choose your base model: full front panel control or blank front panel. Then choose your options: Microphone Preamps, Digital Audio I/O, or Wall Panel Remote Ready. All Navigators offer fast setup of your production audio rig, easy and secure configuration of your commercial or worship sound system, and complete signal routing for multi-room venues. Configure the Navigator to match your application and let it steer your way to a better sounding system.

Unlimited DSP
The Navigator Series is a complete multi-input/output digital system processor designed for commercial installation and production audio. Navigators use 32-bit (40-bit extended) floating point processors and high-performance 24-bit digital converters. All functions operate concurrently and are controlled simultaneously. There is no need to compile any files or settings, and the powerful Analog Devices SHARC processors handle the DSP processing. Best of all, you never run out of resources. All functions work together, so go ahead and set FBX feedback control filters on every input and compressors on every input and output — no problem.

Navigator's blank front panel versions include Sabine's Automatic Mic Mixing function, with independent control of mic priority, attack, release, threshold, and gain on each channel. Combined with the FBX Feedback Exterminator the Navigator will provide more gain before feedback than conventional automatic mic mixers.

Better Control
As the name implies, the Navigator is all about control. The Navigator Remote Control software provides a heads-up display of all systems status and fast access to all parameters. This highly intuitive interface allows you to choose from two main views: Matrix or Mixer. The Mixer view is especially useful with the addition of the microphone preamps. If you can run a mixer, you can run this software.

Equally powerful is the front panel control for those times when you need full access at the rack position. When integrating the Navigator as part of a larger system, choose USB, RS232, or Ethernet as your connection protocol. Serial and Ethernet-based touch screen control is also possible with all Navigators. The NAVRC-100 Wall Panel Remote is an attractive 2-gang remote control that is wired to the Navigator for trouble-free remote control. Programmable Menu and Value switches can be assigned to most of the Navigator functions, and the built-in, backlit LCD displays the name of each menu and preset. The Wall Panel Remote makes for a very powerful control system, and allows for multiple control points for multiple Navigators which can be mounted strategically throughout the installation.

Superior Audio Quality
One of the pioneers in the field of digital signal processing, Sabine's research and development into digital filtering technology provides an edge in both sound quality and reliability. The FBX Feedback Exterminator is one of the many innovations originating from the engineers at Sabine. This vigorous development is applied to all DSP functions of the Navigators, including equalization, automatic mixing, routing, crossovers, and gain management.

Free firmware and software upgrades are easily done by connecting to Sabine's web site. You can always keep your Navigator current with newly developed algorithms and functions as they become available. Flexible save and recall functions and complete system security round out these rugged units.

The Navigators continue the Sabine tradition of simplicity, flexibility, and value. Navigators will improve the sound quality and the adaptability of sound systems for churches, schools, boardrooms, theaters, concert halls, offices, retail outlets, and all levels of touring and production systems.

  • Superior sound quality
  • No limit on DSP power
  • Equalization
  • Crossovers
  • FBX feedback exterminator
  • Mic preamps
  • Gain management
  • Routing
  • Delay
  • Presets
  • Security
  • Front panel or software control
  • New wall-panel remotes

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Navigator System Processor Specifications:

  • __
  • Navigator Tools
  • Equalization
  • Parametric, Shelving, High & Low pass, 8-bands per each I/O
  • FBX Feedback Exterminator, 8 filters per input
  • Crossovers
  • Multiple types and presets
  • Three filter types
  • Slopes to 48 dB
  • Gain Management
  • Gain on all I/Os
  • Compressors
  • Limiters
  • Mixers
  • Input/Output Mixer
  • Matrix Mixers
  • Automatic Mic Mixers
  • Microphone Preamps with Phantom Power
  • Routing & Delay
  • All inputs to all outputs
  • Polarity
  • 650 msec available per channel; 50 msec
  • Memory and Security
  • 30 programs, save and recall
  • Multiple security levels, software & front panel
  • All firmware and software upgradeable
  • Controls
  • Front panel: Instant menu access and linking for each I/O; Gain LEDs for each channel; LCD, datawheel
  • Remote: Navigator Control Software via USB, RS232 Serial; NAVRC100 Wall Panel Remote Controller
  • Control Accessory
  • NAVRC-100: Wall-mounted Remote Control Panel (requires Wall Panel Remote Ready (R) option on connected Navigators)
  • Navigator Models:
  • Choose your Base Model, then choose your options
  • Learn more with the Guide to Ordering Navigators
  • Base Models: Front Panel Control; all with USB & RS232 connections
  • NAV240: 2 in 4 out System Processor
  • NAV360: 3 in 6 out System Processor
  • NAV480: 4 in 8 out System Processor
  • NAV4802: 4 in 8 out System Processor, with Ethernet
  • NAV8802: 8 in 8 out System Processor, with Ethernet
  • Base Models: Blank Front Panels; all with USB & RS232 connections
  • NAV240-S: 2 in 4 out System Processor
  • NAV360-S: 3 in 6 out System Processor
  • NAV480-S: 4 in 8 out System Processor
  • NAV4802-S: 4 in 8 out System Processor, with Ethernet
  • NAV8802-S: 8 in 8 out System Processor, with Ethernet
  • Options: Add to Base Models
  • Microphone Preamps (M): Available on all base models
  • Wall Panel Remote Ready, RJ45 connector (R): Available on all base models
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