Mel Bay Rock Curriculum: Fluid Soloing Book 1 - Arpeggios for Lead Rock Guitar (Book/CD)

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Mel Bay

A professional book and CD set for intermediate guitarists looking to perfect their arpeggios in a systematic manner.

Book 1 in the Fluid Soloing series, Arpeggios for Lead Rock Guitar is a modern arpeggio handbook and comprehensive training manual for developing fast, flowing arpeggio runs that connect the entire fretboard. The lessons emphasize developing fluid, non-shifting arpeggio patterns (across the neck) using hammer-ons and pull-offs for speed and fluidity. They also focus on developing smooth position-shifting arpeggios (along the length of the neck) using slides. These two types of motions are then connected and combined in an extensive collection of soloing ├ętudes for full assimilation. The result is a complete system of arpeggio pathways that connect every part of the fretboard and facilitate maximum speed and range. The tutorials present a complete whole-neck connections for major 7th, dominant 7th, minor 7th, minor 6th, half-diminished, diminished 7th, major triad, and minor triad arpeggios.

This instructional arpeggio book is for all guitarists who are serious about improving their ability to solo over chord progressions using arpeggios in any style of music, including rock, jazz, fusion, blues, country, or pop. Having the ability to instantly outline any chord in a song with a fluid arpeggio run (no matter where your hand is on the neck) is immensely valuable for every guitarist. This book and CD set methodically teach you the skills that make this possible. Loaded with melodic arpeggio passages that can be applied to your music immediately, the guitar lessons in Rock Curriculum are extremely practical and powerful. Includes standard notation, guitar tablature, and demonstration CD.

  • Author: Tim Quinn
  • Pages: 106
  • Level: intermediate
  • Book binding: wirebound

Thrill your friends and bandmates with guitar arpeggios that may seem complex to them, but easy for you when you buy this book and CD set.


Rock Curriculum: Fluid Soloing Book 1 - Arpeggios for Lead Rock Guitar (Book/CD) Specifications:

  • Date published: 12/18/2008
  • ISBN: 0786672757
  • ISBN13: 9780786672752
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