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A unique way to increase your grip strength, reduce finger stiffness.

No matter what instrument you play, your hands are the most important factors in hitting the right notes, or keeping your instrument at the right angle song after song, whether it be during practice or performance. Though shoulder straps help carry the burden on some instruments, the ability to keep both hands moving and fingers repositioned over and over again can be tiresome unless you give them the proper conditioning. That's where the Xtensor Hand Exerciser comes in. Exercising the muscles that open your hands with the Xtensor provides your hands, wrists, fingers and elbows with the same benefits your body gets from doing yoga.

The one-of-a-kind Xtensor helps reverse the inevitable wear and tear that takes place in the hands and wrists during life's daily activities, as well as the repetitive motions you go through as a musician. The effects of using the Xtensor will be felt immediately, helping you improve strength, flexibility and overall performance.

The Science Behind How It Works?
Using adjustable tension bands attached to each individual fingertip, the Xtensor Hand Exerciser specifically targets the muscle and tendons in the extensor region (which is responsible for pulling the fingers open) originating deep in the elbows and forearms down to the fingers. This is the only area of the body up til now that is off limits to exercise due to the lack of adequate equipment. Because of this, pain and weakness becomes a lasting issue in the wrists and elbows causing them to get weaker over time while the gripping muscles continue to get tighter, thicker and stronger.

Strength conditioning, greater flexibility and increased blood flow are the three fundamental things required to optimize muscle performance. Over time muscle imbalances inhibit performance and increase the risk of injury. To minimize this effect, people employ various muscle contracting exercises, such as the Xtensor for the hands, to stay strong while working to increase flexibility in muscles and tendons throughout the body creating a healthy balance between muscle groups allowing them to work with one another to perform movements. Muscle contractions breakdown muscle fibers and rest helps them recover stronger. Muscle contractions also force blood into the exercised areas supplying powerful essential compounds like vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for the healing process.

Connective tissue is separated into three sections. Muscles gets lots of blood whereas tendons which connect muscles to bones and ligaments which connect bones to bones get minimal blood supply making the healing process longer and harder. Exercise dramatically increases blood flow enabling the tissue involved to get the nutrients needed to accelerate and optimize the healing process whether for recovery from a hard workout or rehabilitating an injury.

So give your hands a much-needed break, and a much-needed boost, by adding the Xtensor to your daily routine.

Extend your playing career with help from this one-of-a-kind hand exerciser. Order now!

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